Jan 212012
Poly S - Sensuous Snakes

Mim Chapman completes her series on polyamory with this eight-minute video. She first focuses on the fifth model of polyamory: the sensuous poly snake. Mim provides a concrete example of the Poly S and notes its particular advantages. She then asks some reflection questions to help you discern what model of polyamory would work best […]

Dec 312011
Poly Y - Networks & Tribes

Mim Chapman continues her series on polyamory with this seven-minute video. She does a very brief recap of the models of Poly P, O, and L, and then explains Poly Y and highlights the extensive benefits of poly networks.

Dec 042011
Poly L - Loving Triads

Mim Chapman continues her series on polyamory by focusing on Poly-L Loving Triads during this nine-minute video. She identifies the Poly L, notes its advantages and disadvantages; and she suggests ways to help make these relationships more successful. Mim compares the Poly L to the Poly P and Poly O families and comments on a […]

Nov 132011
Poly-O Family Circles

Mim Chapman continues her discussion on polyamory with a focus on the Poly-O family circle during this seven-minute video. She uses an enlightening example to differentiate Poly-O from Poly-P (poly plural pairs), notes the many positives of the family circle, but also acknowledges the challenges. Mim’s reflection on polyamory continues in her upcoming clips.

Sep 012011
Poly Plural Pairs

Mim Chapman discusses in detail one type of polyamorous relationship during this ten-minute video. She first defines plural poly pairs and then outlines various important points to negotiate. Mim underscores the advantages of having outside pair relationships that are not part of a poly family as well as etiquette and tips on how to (and […]

Apr 102011
Facts, Fiction, & Myths About Intimacy & Aging

Do any of the following sound frighteningly familiar to you? “Sex requires an erect penis.” “Sexual desire diminishes with menopause.” “Orgasms are quite elusive for both men and women over 60” Well Mim Chapman is here to dispel these and other myths about Intimacy & Aging in this 11-minute video. The fact is, she says, […]