Apr 132015
Both Sides of the Blowjob Equation

Oral sex is a strange part of the sexual landscape; it’s both the punchline for jokes and the holy grail of intimacy. It can be a great way to have a quickie, a part of foreplay before other sex, or a long and sensual end unto itself. If there’s one thing you can get from […]

Oct 042014
Vulvar Pelvic Pain: Possible Treatments

Megan Andelloux continues her reflections on pelvic pain with this eight-minute video. In preparation for a physician’s (and/or therapist’s) care, Megan presents the wide range of treatment options – medical, physical, sexual, etc. – available to you.

Aug 232014
Bacterial Vaginosis

Megan Andelloux introduces bacterial vaginosis during this seven-minute video. She defines “BV” and then discusses the two main causes as well as several additional causes. Megan describes the symptoms of BV (and chronic BV) as well as the medical treatment options. She also recommends concrete ways to prevent bacterial vaginosis.

Dec 312012
Vulvar Pelvic Pain: What Doctors Look For

Megan Andelloux discusses the physical exam for vulvar pelvic pain during this three-minute video. She presents a long list of possible symptoms such as bulges, discharges, odors, and much more. She also prepares you for what to expect in terms of how your physician will perform the physical exam. Megan explains additional testing that may […]

Dec 202011
Types of Cock Rings

Megan Andelloux discusses cock rings in this informative six-minute clip. She first underscores reasons to use them (e.g., add sensation and maintain a firmer erection); Megan then explains when, how long, and how to wear cock rings safely. She notes the many different types, sizes, shapes, flexibility levels, and materials – and makes important recommendations […]

Apr 082011
Vulvar Pelvic Pain: Talking to Your Doctor

No one should have to live with pelvic pain. But, because doctors often will not bring up sexual issues, it is up to you to be an advocate for your own health. In this 5 ½-minute video, Megan Andelloux shares some tips on identifying what hurts and effectively communicating with your doctor so they can treat […]

Mar 172011
Communication for the Shy

We know how scary and difficult to ask for what you want when it comes to your sexuality, especially if you’re shy. Well, Megan Andelloux is here to help with this 5 ½-video sure to help any shy individual feel safer and sexier in their communication. She shows you how to use everything from lipstick […]

Feb 022011
Megan Andelloux-Sexual Positions

Megan Andelloux and her lovely assistant Deirdre demonstrate a variety of sex positions in this introductory video helpful to both the novice and the advanced lover. She’ll explore missionary, doggie style, spooning, and person-on-top. Learn the basics, then find out how you can modify each position to mix things up. Also, listen in to find […]

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Jan 122011
Condom Safety

Did you know that leather wallets and glove compartments could destroy your condoms? Megan Andelloux drops many pearls of wisdom such as checking your expiration date before playtime and the squeeze test in this must see 4-minute safety segment.

Jun 102010
Barrier Methods: Cups, Dams & Gloves

Safe sex is important for manual and oral sex too, and now Megan Andelloux is going to show you the different options available. Using a clear plastic anatomy model she demonstrates how to insert and remove the ‘Instead’ cup, for use during a woman’s period. Next she moves onto dental dams and gloves as safe […]

Jan 112010
What to Expect from a Pelvic Exam

This 13-minute video is a very detailed step-by-step explanation of a proper pelvic exam. Megan first highlights basic legal issues, and then uses “Fanny” for a clear, thorough description of each portion of the exam (e.g., vulva, vaginal canal, cervix, uterus, rectum) – and underscores the various sensations that a woman may feel during it. Truly a must-see video!

Dec 282009
Female Genital Massage Techniques

Megan continues with her helpful and informative videos about female anatomy as she shows you how to turn your hand into a sex toy capable of pleasing, relaxing and arousing your female partner. It’s important to go slow, so sit back and enjoy as Megan tells you all you need to know!

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Dec 252009
Male Genital Massage Techniques

Watch and learn as Megan Andelloux shows a ‘handful’ of techniques for massaging male genitals complete with fun names to help you remember each manual move. She shares tips for applying the lubrication and how to play with the scrotum in a sexy way.

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Aug 172009
Female Anatomy - Reclining

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Aug 102009
Male Sexual Anatomy

It’s time to talk about boys bits in more detail, and with a live model! From the frenulum to the testicles to the anal opening, Megan Andelloux shares a lot of informative details about how the male sexual system works while also providing clever commentary on what those bits can be ‘used’ for when it comes to sexual pleasure!

Aug 072009
Female Sexual Anatomy - Standing

There’s never been a more ‘revealing’ demonstration of the female sexual anatomy, with Megan Andelloux leading the exploration! It can only be so helpful to look at the plastic models of female genitalia, it’s a lot more fun (and realistic) to point out and name all the lovely bits as shown live and in person by one of our favorite demo hotties! She gets up close and personal pointing out how to successfully find and reveal the clitoris, in order to provide the best type of stimulation.

Jul 292009
Female Anatomy

Top to bottom, inside and out, it’s helpful to know where everything is when it comes to female genitalia! Megan Andelloux introduces all the parts of a woman’s sexual anatomy and talks about the variations in appearance as well as how best to stimulate each area. With her playful guidance this wonderful pleasure source will be much less of a mystery!

Jul 022009
Women's Anal Play - Internal

There’s many reasons to explore anal play, and Megan Andelloux covers all of them! In this clip she’s discussing the ways to play with insertion including; the best way to use anal beads, adding vibrators or dildo’s and how to best prepare the anus for penetration. With plenty of tips to make anal play safe and fun, watch this clip and learn how to become “Backdoor Betties”!

Jul 022009
Women's Anal Play - External

Now for the exploration of girl’s butts! Megan Andelloux guides you through the special needs of female anal play and how to help the bottom be “eager” attention. She shares some great techniques for external anal stimulation while explaining how the internal anatomy can be taken advantage of to induce intense sensations.

Jul 012009
Men's Prostate Play

With Megan Andelloux, there’s never a dull description, and this clip is no different! She gives a great overview of safe prostrate-play toys, explaining why they are designed in such a special way, as well as how the body experiences each type of material and texture. She also gives tips on how to use these toys for the prostrate stimulation you’re looking for!

Jun 292009
Men's Anal Play

Join Megan Andelloux on an entertaining exploration of boys bums! This clips covers all the basic anatomy of male anal play including important tips on how to ensure a comfortable and sexy experience for everyone involved, no matter if you’re just starting out or have been an anal player for years. She discusses prostrate play, lubes and safety, and how to warm up and stimulate this extra sensitive area!

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Jun 092009
Barrier Methods: Female Condoms

It’s important to know your safe sex options for oral and manual play, as well as what can be used when a woman is on her period. Megan Andelloux shows the variety of options as well as advantages and dis-advantages of each. She also explains how to effectively use each of the options.

May 292009
Insertable Sextoys

With all the hot reasons to introduce penetrative sex-toys into play (which Megan Andelloux explains in detail), it’s helpful to know the differences between dildos and vibrators, how to find the right size and style for your pleasure, and using toys to explore g-spot, a-spot, kegel exercises, and more!