Jun 282014
Dating for Non-Traditional Relationship: Offline

When you’re seeking a non-traditional relationship it can be difficult to get involved in the dating scene. In this clip, Marcia B gives some tips on various groups in cities large and small that tend to attract alternative types, from gamers to dancers to volunteers. She also provides some tips on how to behave within […]

Oct 142012
Dating for Non-Traditional Relationships: Online

Marcia B introduces the ins and outs of successful online dating for non-traditional relationships like polyamory and kink. Covering everything from what kind of picture is most appealing to proper messaging etiquette, Marcia can help you dive into the world of online dating even if your interests are outside the norm.

Apr 142012
Negotiation Games to Play with Your Partner - The 100% Game

Marcia B. explains and then demonstrates one particular type of negotiation game during this four-minute video. She first outlines the essentials of the 100% game, and then she and her partner provide an example. Marcia offers some helpful tips as well – to help you get as much as you desire in your relationship(s). Stay […]

Mar 092012
Asking for What You Want in the Bedroom - Part 2

Marcia B continues her discussion on asking for what you want during this five-minute, part-two video. Having explained her first two categories of things to ask for in part one (a new activity and a variation), she covers her next three types of things: a specific outcome, a particular feeling, and permission. Marcia gives numerous […]

Feb 122012
Undoing Sexual Shame

Marcia B addresses sexual shame in this empowering five-minute video. She first defines sexual shame and highlights its pervasiveness and spectrum of expression. Marcia then suggests several personal and interpersonal ways to undo the shame so as to create a more sex positive attitude in and around us.

Jan 192012
Asking for What You Want in the Bedroom -  Part 1

Marcia B talks about asking for what you want during this five-minute video. She identifies the five kinds or types of things that you may ask for: a new activity, a variation, a specific outcome, a particular feeling, and/or permission. Marcia focuses on the first two during this clip – e.g., by providing many tips […]

Sep 242011
What Should You Know about Consent?

Marcia B discusses consent during this seven-minute video. She focuses on three questions: What is consent? Why does it matter? How do you know when you have it? Marcia peppers her responses with tips for new partners.

Aug 182011
What Kind of Non-Monogamy is for You? Part 2

Marcia B continues her discussion on non-monogamy during this four-minute, part-two video. In addition to encouraging you to identify the benefits and challenges of non-monogamy for you; she notes a host of motivations for open relationships so that you can better understand your desires and reasons for non-monogamy.

Jul 142011
What Kind of Non-Monogamy is for You? Part 1

Most of us think we know what we’re talking about when it comes to monogamy, even though, from person to person and culture to culture, “monogamous” can mean something very different. That’s why Marcia B. begins her series on non-monogamy with a six-minute video on four types of monogamy: Sexual Monogamy, Emotional Monogamy, Social Monogamy, […]