Apr 132015
Both Sides of the Blowjob Equation

Oral sex is a strange part of the sexual landscape; it’s both the punchline for jokes and the holy grail of intimacy. It can be a great way to have a quickie, a part of foreplay before other sex, or a long and sensual end unto itself. If there’s one thing you can get from […]

Aug 232011
Swinging: Negotiating a Successful Playdate

M. Makael Newby discusses the importance of negotiation – and provides examples on how to negotiate (matter-of-factly and sexily) – during this four-minute video. She begins with health status and creatively covers a variety of essential negotiation points to help you have horny, healthy, and happy relationships! This clip is part of the SWINGING with […]

Jul 212011
Swinging: How to Not Be Creepy

Flirting: Natural. Groping without permission: creepy. Making eye contact: natural. Staring her down and stroking yourself: creepy. M Makael Newby dedicates this 5-minute installment of her swinging series to how not to be creepy. By respecting personal boundaries and being prepared to gracefully accept a “yes” or a “no” answer, you can enjoy all the […]

Jun 212011
Swinging: Club Etiquette

M. Makael Newby continues her Swinging series with a five minute video on first times, whether you’re meeting someone for the first time or it’s your first time going to a swingers club. When meeting someone for the first time, always in a public setting, you will find some safety protocols you can set up, […]

Apr 212011
Swinging: How to Meet People Online

Makael Newby continues her series on swinging in this 9-minute video on the ins and outs of hooking up online. Including recommendations of Makael’s favorite swinging websites, as well as tips on creating your profile, choosing a photo (to cock-bomb or not to cock-bomb,) joining forums, making contact and gracefully saying “no,” this video will help you […]

Mar 072011
Introduction to Swinging

There is no “I” in Orgy.  In this informative 6 ½-minute introduction, Mikael Newby talks about what makes swinging distinct in the poly spectrum, and goes through several reasons why people choose to swing. Stay tuned for terminology in Part 2. This clip is part of the SWINGING with M. MAKAEL NEWBY PassionPack available for standalone […]

Jun 232010
Pitfalls of Non-Monogamy

Makael Newby shares great wisdom during this 6-minute reflection on pitfalls of non-monogamy. She discusses 5 such pitfalls — new relationship energy, lying and withholding information, crossing boundaries, pushing your own agenda, and blaming – by identifying, providing several real-life examples of, and suggesting how to deal with each one.

Jun 122010
Non-Monogamy for the Novice

Makael Newby distinguishes between emotional and physical non-monogamy and applies the distinction to the lifestyles of swinging and polyamory during this 8-minute video. She defines a multitude of terms (swinging, swingles, unicorns; polyamory, triads, poly family, etc.) and gives plenty of examples. Makael suggests a variety of resources for further consideration as well.

May 192010
Ultimate Fellatio: Choking and Gagging

Allow M. Makael Newby to introduce (or remind you of) the many facets of choking and gagging in this 6-minute video. Be prepared to redefine attractive, learn about the best times to practice this play, and attend to the emotional, physical, safety, and legal aspects of ultimate fellatio as well. Another Newby classic chock full of tips!

Apr 242010
Ultimate Fellatio: Deepthroating and Sloppy Blowjobs

M. Makael Newby discusses and demonstrates all the essentials: handling the gag reflex and strengthening your yawn muscle, varying angles of penetration, spitting and saliva control, setting your partner up for success, and introducing sloppy blowjobs to your partner. Hardly a bad way to spend your next 8 minutes!

Mar 292010
Fellatio Hand and Mouth Techniques

It’s hard to find a fellatio skill that M. Makael Newby does not illustrate in this very sexy, playful, and thorough 10-minute video. She discusses and demonstrates hand techniques (placement, speed, rotation, milking, pinching, etc.), as well as oral talents (tongue use, suction, biting, etc.), and even addresses testicle and anal stimulation. Enjoy!

Mar 192010
Introduction to Great Fellatio

If the title doesn’t suck you in…then Makael Newby’s clear and engaging 5-minute discussion will. She covers 3 keys to giving great head: communication (talk about what you like), safety (set boundaries, beware of jewelry, etc.), and anticipation (verbal teasing, bringing the heat, etc.). Let yourself be sucked in, or …