Jul 212012
The Feminist Connection: Components of Reconnecting

Lillith Grey continues her series on feminism with this nine-minute video. She defines and gives examples of the components of reconnection: engagement, empathy, authenticity, difference, and more. Lillith recommends ways to attend to the disconnections in relationship, and she spotlights sexuality in the final section of the clip.

May 012012
Initiating Difficult Conversations

Reid Mihalko discusses how to initiate difficult conversations during this four-minute video. He suggests using a script based on your answers to four specific questions (that he asks and explains). This tool not only helps ease the difficulty of certain conversations, but it also helps strengthen your relationship(s).

Jan 102012
The Feminist Connection: The Ebb & Flow

Lillith Grey continues her series on feminism with this four-minute video. She focuses on both the normal relationship pattern of connection and disconnection and also the great value of using disconnection for relational growth. In her next clip Lillith discusses the creative work necessary to facilitate such growth.

Dec 152011
Feminist Connection: The Basics

Lillith Grey introduces the basics of feminism during this five-minute video. She first discusses the primary components of patriarchy and how they affect relationships. Lillith then highlights the fundamental components of feminism. In her next video she focuses on the ebb and flow of relationships.

Jul 282011
How Difficult Conversations Function

In this installment of her series on Difficult Conversations, Lillith Grey stresses the importance of creating an emotional safety buffer, like a swimming pool where all are free and safe to swim and frolic, made of mutual respect and purpose. If the safety buffer is violated, invasively (by controlling, labeling and/or attacking) or evasively (masking, […]

Jul 122011
Introduction to Difficult Conversations

We have all had difficult conversations, and will probably have more, especially where relationship issues, work issues and community issues are concerned. How do we identify a difficult conversation when it happens and communicate deliberately to see the conversation through to a positive outcome? Lillith Grey begins her series on Difficult Conversations with this 5-minute […]