Nov 302009
Corsets: Tips and Tricks

In this clip Lady Cyanide shares some great tips about corsets from wearing to caring and more! She gives helpful hints regarding what to wear with your corsets and ‘secret’ tricks to making your corset as flattering as possible. She also talks about how best to store your corsets which is important to making your investment last.

Nov 262009
Introduction to Corsets

Lady Cyanide gives us a great introduction and overview on the many different types and styles of corsets. This video is perfect for a beginner who is looking to purchase, fit, or simply admire this wonderful article of clothing. Corsets can be made out of different materials such as fabric, leather or latex. Also watch her show off a fabulous, 17-pound chain mail corset!

Oct 302009
How to Cinch a Corset

Lady Cyanide shares tips on cinching yourself into a corset as well as when you’re helping dress someone else. Great for corset lovers and service submissives!

Oct 292009
How to Lace a Corset

Have you ever wondered what the correct way to lace a corset it? Lady Cyanide is here to help! She goes step-by-step to explain the proper way for
a full-bust corset or waist cincher to be laced and un-laced. After watching this clip you will know how to make sure the ‘loops’ are in the middle in order to get a better fit. She also shares some general tips for corset lacing so if you’re a corset lover, this is a ‘can’t miss’ clip!

Oct 202009
Buying Corsets for Larger Bodies

Lady Cyanide shares the particular considerations that must be made when purchasing a corset for a larger body type. She describes the styles of corsets that work well every body type (top heavy, bottom heavy, weight around the middle) and how to adjust off-the-rack corsets to fit more appropriately. Tips for accessorizing, measuring and dealing with weight fluctuations are also included in this helpful clip.

Oct 102009
Measuring for a Corset

Whether you’re shopping for your first or your fiftieth corset, knowing how to measure yourself to get a proper fit is a helpful skill. Lady Cyanide goes over a list of tips men and women of any size should remember when purchasing a corset.