Dec 012014
What is BDSM? Dispelling the Myths

“What? Why would anyone want to do that? That’s sick!” Those are the words that strike fear and shame into the hearts of many people who might dare to share with their lovers certain fantasies that fall outside the “normal” range of sex. The problem is, there’s not really a truly “normal” range – if […]

Dec 292011
Dominance in the Bedroom

Princess Kali discusses sexual dominance during this six-minute video. She suggests numerous nonverbal, verbal, and physical ways – stares, commands, groans, holds, and more – to create a more dominant energy in your sexual encounters, whether giving or receiving sexual pleasure.

Feb 262011
Nipples - Fingers Only

Princess Kali talks about the basics of nipple play in today’s video update and how to truly enjoy the varied sensations with your partner. Specifically, she shows you how to use both your fingers and your fingernails to elicit pain, pleasure, and everything in between.  

Oct 182010
Styles of Dominance

This 5-minute conversation with Kali focuses on the many styles of dominance: strict, motherly, cold, warm, bratty, teasing – and more! Kali, who draws from her personal experience throughout the video, summarily asks: What is it that makes you feel powerful?

Oct 062010
Spanking Safety

Six minutes of spanking safety with Princess Kali and Miss Coral await you! Kali accentuates the value of communication, the best parts of the ass to spank, the avoidance of the “no-go zone”, and bruising in this clip. Safe spanking will lead you to an even sexier time!

Aug 302010
Spanking Positions

Building on her two previous spanking clips, Princess Kali demonstrates a variety of spanking positions on Miss Coral during this 8-minute video. Kali highlights comfort, access, power, timing, and sensation as she shows positions on the floor (e.g., bent over, all fours) and in bed (e.g., over the knee). Sexy spanking!

Aug 282010
Spanking Technique

Princess Kali thoroughly demonstrates hand spanking techniques on Miss Coral in this 9-minute video. Kali highlights how to maximize the top’s energy and the bottom’s pleasure through various tips on form, movement, placement, etc. Enjoy, and spread the love!

Jan 092010
Tips on Managing Long Distance Relationships Part 2

How can you strengthen your relationship with your partner between face-to-face visits? Princess Kali suggests several proven ways during this 9-minute video: meditations, writing assignments, masturbation schedules, and much more. Keep it light-hearted and sexy, and you’ll find that your kinky connections can become stronger and more meaningful.

Dec 212009
Tips on Managing Long Distance Relationships Part 1

With the age of the internet it’s more possible than ever to carry on a long distance relationship and still stay strongly in touch. Princess Kali shares some basic tips for finding a variety of ways to communicate, making the most of the time you can spend together, and taking responsibility for keeping the spark alive when you’re physically far apart.

Dec 102009
Roleplaying Part 4

Wrapping up this 4 clip series, Princess Kali gives more tips for preparing for role-play by creating a back-story (while leaving room for spontaneity and silliness). By not taking yourself to seriously (and she’s an excellent example of that!)  you leave yourself room to be surprised by where your imagination leads you. With the use […]

Dec 062009
Roleplaying Part 3

Princess Kali continues her high-energy presentation with suggestions for role-playing including: deciding on your character and situation, keeping things fun and light-hearted while really getting ‘into it’, and how to communicate to keep the scene moving. She also demonstrates the ‘Scene Starter’ deck that was designed to inspire your creativity during role-play scenes. Give yourself […]

Dec 052009
Roleplaying Part 2

Sharing how role-play can be put to use in a variety of sexy play-times, whether using to spice up a monogamous relationship by *being* other people or bringing it into kinky BDSM play. Communication and a sense of humor are vital parts of letting loose and having fun. Princess Kali shares her unique philosophy of […]

Nov 092009
Roleplaying Part 1

During this series of 4 clips (which was shot during a live class presented for NEDS) Princess Kali shares some of her personal experiences and tips for reveling in role-play during kinky scenes, and the different kind of characters that can be explored. In her own quirky way she explains how role-play can really help you […]

Sep 292009
Stingy or Thuddy: Canes

Another step in the kinky direction is the classic punishment tool: the cane. Princess Kali shows off some a few different types of canes, explaining why each would be more ‘thuddy’ or more ‘stingy’. Showing how the bounce, wiggle, swish and thickness of a cane affects the feeling it illicits, our giggly demo bottom enjoys […]

Sep 282009
Stingy or Thuddy: Paddles

Impact play usually produces sensations that are described as either ‘thuddy’ or ‘stingy’ and as Princess Kali explains, there are a few key clues to know whether a toy is going to create one feeling or the other (and some even do both!). By demonstrating a few ‘basic’ toys made of different materials and in different styles, she explains what to look for when determining the best kinky implement for your desires!

Aug 302009
The Fun of Spanking Part 3

Princess Kali goes on with a few other positions that are good for spanking including; laying on the floor, pressed up against the wall, bending over with hands on the ankles, or on hands and knees. She also summarizes the key components of a spanking: the position used, the verbal play, and what you’re using to spank along with how much power is going into each sexy smack.

Jul 012009
The Fun of Spanking Part 2

With Princess Kali’s usual sassy style, she continues on the topic of spanking. Demonstrating some effective techniques for spanking with your hands including; how to hold and position your hand and arm, different ways to ‘mix-up’ the spanking. She also discusses how to change the sensations as well as how to protect the spankers hand from feeling any un-desired pain (leaving the pleasurable pain for the spankee only!). Items to use as a ‘paddle’ are also mentioned, so don’t miss all the great spank suggestions packed into this clip!

Jun 302009
The Fun of Spanking Part 1

Nothing gets Princess Kali more excited than talking about “pervy activities”, and that’s obvious in this intro-type clip about spanking! She starts with the OTK position, as well as the best places on the ass to smack, how to ‘warm up’ the bottom receiving the spanking, and some great tips for keeping the ‘spankee’ off balance (in a good way!).

May 192009
Introduction to Tickling – Part 3

Moving on to ever more ‘private’ places on the body to tickle, P.E.T.E. and Princess Kali keep the giggling going with gentle touches. Tips on how to explore vulnerability and how using your hands gives you the best read on how the tickle play is going. Look for curling toes as a sign of a […]

May 182009
Introduction to Tickling - Part 2

The 2nd in our 4 part tickling series with P.E.T.E. the Tickle Guy introduces us to tickling as a form of sexy titillation ! Staying safe from flying tickled limbs is discussed, as well as how to use physicality to keep the ticklee from ‘getting away’ with all their squirming. Ways to use pressure and different parts of […]

May 182009
Introduction to Tickling - Part 1

The 1st in a 4 part series, P.E.T.E. the Tickle Guy introduces us to tickling, talking about: creating safe and intimate space, how to read the body language of the person being tickled, and how to do a ‘sensitivity test’ as part of the exploration. He demonstrates different ways to use your fingers to go […]