Mar 152013
Pleasure for Stress Reduction and Health: the Application

 After her first video explained how pleasure can reduce stress, here Julie Hekate goes into the actual implementation of the concept. She explains how to deliberately stimulate the senses with things that you enjoy, especially focusing on sensual or sexual touch. This method helps stimulate hormones such as oxytocin and lets you access the “calm […]

Dec 052012
Pleasure for Stress Reduction & Health: the Concept

Can pleasure save your life? Julie Hekate believes so and, in this clip, she explains why. There are many health risks associated with the stress of modern western culture and the denial of pleasure only adds to it. Julie explains that you can reverse the flood of stress hormones and their harmful effects by enjoying […]

Nov 162012
Loving Your Partner's Body As It Is

Julie Hekate builds on her previous clip about changing your expectations about desire with this clip involving Will from Julie demonstrates the way you can give up the preconceptions you have about “sexy” and learn to appreciate things about your partner’s body in a new and sometimes surprising way. Combined with the skills from […]

Nov 062012
Loving Your Body As It Is

Julie Hekate joins the Passionate U team with a very personal demonstration of how to love your body regardless of its shape. Part imagination, part affirmation, and entirely individual, she uses a mirror for self-examination and wonders: what would it be like to love this body?