Feb 232013
Senior Sex: STI's & Safer Sex

Joan Price has some stern words for seniors who are sexually active: protection is just as necessary for you as for younger lovers! Too many seniors forget to use condoms and other barriers when engaging new partners, and it’s caused alarming trends in sexually-transmitted infections. Joan has some solid advice for how to broach the […]

Jan 272013
Senior Sex: Sex with a New Partner

In this clip Joan Price branches out from talking about senior sex to discuss the process of getting to sex in the first place – that is, senior dating. There are different rules to the dating world than when seniors were on the scene, and when you add in the possible negotiations for sex it can be […]

Nov 252012
Senior Sex: Why Should I Masturbate?

Joan Price continues her series on senior sex during this seven-minute video. She discusses the importance of masturbation – the positive effects on sexual, relational, and general health – as well as recommends how frequently you should self-pleasure. Joan also shares a moving story and offers some helpful tips.

Oct 302012
Senior Sex: Tips for Communicating

Joan Price goes further into how to spice up your sex life in the later years of life using one of the most powerful erotic tools: communication. She talks frankly about how the embarrassment and awkwardness of talking about sex with your partner or anyone else can keep you from really reaching your happy potential. […]

Sep 232012
Senior Sex: The Importance of Sex Toys, Part 2

In Part 2 of Joan Price’s segment on how seniors can integrate sex toys into their lives, she talks more about her relationship with lovers and toys. From a “threesome” to eventually reviewing sex toys for older bodies, she identifies many of the issues around changing bodies. Many factors can make or break the usefulness […]

Sep 072012
Senior Sex: The Importance of Sex Toys - Part 1

Joan Price continues her series on senior sex during this seven-minute, part-one video. She discusses sex toys: reasons to use them (and not be embarrassed) and even how to navigate a partner’s reluctance to them. Stay tuned for more in part two.

Aug 042012
Senior Sex: Loving Our Lubricants

Joan Price continues her reflections on senior sex during this six-minute video. She focuses on lubricants by differentiating between desire, arousal, and natural lubrication; and by encouraging you to include the application of a lubricant into your sexual play. Joan also discusses types of lube and suggests how to choose a lubricant. Stay tuned for […]

Jul 132012
Senior Sex: Unreliable Erections

Joan Price continues her series on senior sex during this eight-minute video. She speaks directly to men about erectile dissatisfaction and dysfunction: their causes and then what to do about them. Joan offers a great many examples of how to maintain a vibrant sexual life with such difficulties, and, in her next clip, suggests how […]

May 252012
Senior Sex: Celebrating Our Bodies

Joan Prices continues her series on senior sex with this eight-minute video. As she encourages the celebration of our bodies, Joan shares stories about and insights on confidence, courage, fear, authenticity and even such practical things as the lighting during sex. Stay tuned for many more of Joan’s videos.

May 042012
Talking to Your Doctor About Senior Sex

Joan Price continues her series on senior sex during this eight-minute video. She shares several stories about negative and positive interactions with health professionals and recommends ways to educate and provide feedback to your health providers. Stay tuned for more with Joan in her upcoming clips.

Apr 052012
Senior Sex: Lack of Desire

Joan Price continues her reflections on Senior Sex during this five-minute video. She opens by describing common experiences of sexual desire from both the perspectives of men and women. She then discusses the important relationship between desiring sex and getting aroused – and offers a terrific tip about the relationship in light of aging. Stay […]

Mar 282012
Senior Sex: When the Old Ways Don't Work

Joan Price continues her series on senior sex during this six-minute video. She first discusses the many bodily, hormonal, and sexual changes that take place over time and then suggests ways to rediscover your sexual pleasure.

Feb 292012
10 Tips for Hot Senior Sex

Joan Price offers ten tips for hot senior sex during this seven-minute video. (And these tips can be great for any age.) She advises individuals and partners to slow down, touch and kiss often, and much more. Joan suggests numerous concrete examples for each tip. Stay tuned for her upcoming clips when she delves into […]

Feb 032012
Why Talk About Senior Sex?

Joan Price highlights the importance of talking about senior sex during this four-minute video. She outlines some obstacles to the discussion and begins to address them. Joan also introduces her two books on senior sex – Better Than I Ever Expected and Naked at Our Age – and her blog www.NakedAtOurAge.com. She continues the discussion […]