Apr 242014
Pitfalls of Monogamy

 In other clips, Jacq Jones has talked about all of the benefits and wonders of monogamous relationships. In this clip, she talks about some of the common things that can go wrong, along with some suggestions for how to face and overcome the challenges as they occur.

Jan 242014
50 Shades of Hot Sex: Communicating During a Scene

 Jacq Jones from “Sugar the Shop” in Baltimore talks about the nuts and bolts of making a kinky “scene” work. Not surprisingly, honest communication is key, but the way you express yourself can be important as well. Whether it’s using colors like “red” and “green” or simply adjusting the way you’re doing a role play […]

Jan 112014
50 Shades of Hot Sex: Technology as Foreplay

 Jacq Jones from Sugar the Shop talks about how communications tech like cell phones and email can be used to heat up your sexy scenes long before you come into contact with each other. She explains some of the important factors to be aware of, though – especially that once a picture or message is […]

Jan 032014
50 Shades of Hot Sex: Safewords

 Jacq Jones talks about one of the essential elements in establishing consent with your kinky play: safewords. After clearly explaining why someone might want a safeword, she talks about how to choose one and how to use it effectively to make your sex life even hotter.

Dec 072013
50 Shades of Hot Sex: Negotiation

 Jacq Jones helps you fulfill your 50 Shades fantasies in this clip with the help of one of the key ingredients to kinky sex: negotiation. Consent and communication are essential to any kind of power exchange or role play, and with the help of some good conversations – or this form – you can start […]

Sep 292013
Sex Tips for Straight Men: Communication

Jacq Jones lays it out for straight men in terms of the best way to please their partner: learn to communicate. More than size, technique, or any fancy toys, learning how your partner is aroused and sexually satisfied is the one sure way to a better love life. Jacq recommends several ways to do this, […]

Aug 202013
Consent Within Monogamy

 In this clip Jacq Jones reminds you that monogamy does not automatically mean anything goes – in fact, consent is more important than ever! She goes on to encourage people to look for the areas of enthusiastic consent, and gives advice on how to honor that consent and create a safe space for a relationship to grow.

Jun 272013
Sex & Menopause

Jacq Jones talks about the various changes that a woman can expect during peri- and post-menopause. There are a lot of different ways to deal with these changes in positive ways and she lays out not only the how and why but also a few whats – like lubrication and vibrators – that can help […]

May 302013
Monogamy: When Cheating Happens

 While it’s not unique to monogamy, cheating can be an incredibly destructive force that is all too common. Jacq Jones lays out some of the ways that the damage can be minimized. She talks about techniques of communication as well as the things to ask each other about the why and what of cheating, as well as some […]

May 142013
50 Shades of Hot Sex: Consent

 Jacq addresses the one key ingredient that differentiates 50 Shades-type sex from abuse, and that is consent. She talks about how consent is created through negotiation and how it can change as people experience things together. She recommends working towards “radical consent”, that whole-hearted enthusiastic “yes!” to trying out this kind of play in the […]

Apr 212013
Spicing Up Your Long-Term Relationship, Part 2

 Building on the concepts of part 1, Jacq Jones illustrates how several different toys can be used specifically for male anatomy to spice up your sex. She also talks frankly about the need to share your fantasies and even the way you masturbate with each other, so that you can better understand the ways sexual […]

Apr 212013
Spicing Up Your Long-Term Relationship, Part 1

 Jacq Jones offers a plethora of ideas for keeping the sexy magic going strong in your long-term relationship in part one of this series. As usual, it all starts with communication, but the way you tell your lover what you want can drastically improve your chances of making it happen. With ideas like the “compliment […]

Mar 292013
Sex Tips for Straight Women: Fucking

Jacq Jones has some practical pleasure tips for women who like penis-in-vagina intercourse. She talks about the finer points of fucking such as the angle of penetration, using lube and other toys, and also explains how changing a position can help solve a lot of the common problems that keep intercourse from being as good […]

Feb 212013
When Your Partner Watches Porn

Jacq Jones dispels the myth that porn watching is an unhealthy sign in a relationship. While there may be some concerns – such as when it hinders communication or fosters secrecy – pornography can also simply be a healthy part of a person’s fantasy and masturbatory life. Jacq also has some suggestions for how to find […]

Feb 092013
Maintaining Passion in a Long Term Relationship

Jacq Jones of Sugar in Baltimore gives some very practical advice for keeping the passion alive in long term relationships. Identifying the things that bring people together in the first place, the fun sexy “new-relationship-energy”, she points out practical methods for re-igniting that feeling. Jacq emphasizes the necessity for things like one-on-one “fun” time, focus, […]

Jan 202013
The Discovery Date

If your relationship seems to be stuck in a rut, Jacq Jones is here to recommend a “Discovery Date” to bring some playfulness and a spirit of experimentation to the bedroom. Whether you’re curious about something you just read in an erotica story or want to use the “Discovery Date Form” to try some new […]

Jan 052013
Sex Tips for Straight Men: Fucking

Jacq Jones talks about three tips for men to keep in mind when fucking women: lubrication, clitoral stimulation, and depth. She explains how toys, lubes, and simple body mechanics can improve a man’s lovemaking skills during intercourse.

Jan 012013
50 Shades of Hot Sex: Fantasy vs. Reality

Jacq Jones begins a series that explores the various sexual techniques used in the wildly popular “50 Shades” series with the most important question: What parts of the book should stay fantasy, and what can become a real part of your sex life? Jacq describes how to evaluate your own desires and also the best […]

Dec 282012
Sex Tips for Straight Women: Communication

This is the clip where Jacq Jones reveals the “magic button” for great sex: communication. However, while it’s magic, it’s not easy. So Jacq takes the time to give some examples and techniques of how to both figure out what your partner wants and also how to let him know what you need for a happy […]

Dec 202012
Hot Sex in a Long Term Relationship

Jacq Jones doesn’t subscribe to the idea that sex has to die out in a long-term committed relationship. In fact, she shares several ideas here for keeping it hotter than ever, through connection, open desire, and an exploratory attitude that the two of you can share. See how her ideas can help you heat up […]

Dec 042012
Sex Tips for Straight Men: Oral Sex

Jacq Jones continues her series of sexy techniques for straight couples with some tips for cunnilingus. The first thing: forget everything porn shows you about pussy licking. With that out of the way, Jacq demonstrates a wide variety of techniques and sensations with the help of her vulva puppet. Watch the video and you’ll be well […]

Nov 232012
Sex Tips for Straight Women: Blowjobs

Jacq Jones from Sugar the Shop in Baltimore gives some blowjob tips to straight women, starting with the most important factor: enthusiasm! If you don’t want to give a blowjob, then don’t – but if you do, she has several different techniques from adding lube to special tonguing methods that can take your oral sex […]

Nov 172012
Sex in a Monogamous Relationship

Monogamy is not the end of sex, says Jacq Jones, it’s a chance to make it even better. Coming from Sugar the Shop, this sex educator and purveyor of sex toys explains the many benefits of being exclusive in your sexual relationships, from the pragmatics of safer sex to the deeper levels of trust and intimacy that can […]

Oct 272012
Dating Each Other in a Long Term Relationship

Jacq Jones gives couples advice on how to keep the excitement of dating during a long-term relationship. She starts with the essentials like prioritizing time and gives many examples of ways to let your partner know that they are important. Throughout the tips and suggestions Jacq emphasizes that it’s not important what you do or […]