Dec 012014
What is BDSM? Dispelling the Myths

“What? Why would anyone want to do that? That’s sick!” Those are the words that strike fear and shame into the hearts of many people who might dare to share with their lovers certain fantasies that fall outside the “normal” range of sex. The problem is, there’s not really a truly “normal” range – if […]

Sep 242013
Cock & Ball Bondage

 Evoë Thorne and Harold Henry begin a series of clips on tying up the male genitals. Evoë shows a very elegant and simple way to get the cock up and out of the way (which Harold appreciates on many levels). They both talk about the sensations and safety concerns as they prepare for the next […]

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Aug 152013
Cock and Ball Teasing: Using Toys, Part 2

 Evöe and Harold continue to show off their fun selection of toys for CBT. As they show a wide range, from simple pipe insulation and a homemade “CBT Mallet” to a barely-bearable electrical “little devil”, they talk about the sensations and safety considerations when using these kinds of sexy devices.

Apr 302013
Cock and Ball Teasing: Using Feet

 Evöe Thorne puts Harold Henry under their Trample Table for this video to show how feet can be used for some amazing cock and ball stimulation. She covers accessories like lube as well as showing various techniques for stroking, applying pressure, and (judging from Harold’s face) generally having a lot of fun teasing with soles, […]

Mar 302013
Cock and Ball Teasing: Using Toys • Part 1

Evoë Thorne and Harold Henry start to use different items for teasing sensation play in this clip. Something as simple as a furry piece of material or a single clothespin can add dimensions of sensuality to your sex life, but you have to know how to use them correctly. This video, along with part 2, […]

Mar 102013
Making Noises in Bed, Part 2

 In part 2, Harold, Evoë, and Bliss continue to discuss the different ways that sounds can be inspired by sexual activity. They also come up with several ways that you can try and develop your own ability to make noise and express yourself during lovemaking. There is an exciting preview of the next clip, where […]

Mar 042013
What Does Consent Mean?

 Evöe Thorne and Harold Henry get into the deeper meaning of consent, especially when negotiating with a new partner. Aside from being essential, it can be a tricky thing to manage without alienating the other person. They show several techniques such as the “redirect” to illustrate how consent can be created and enjoyed as part […]

Jan 122013
Cock & Ball Teasing: Using Your Hands & Mouth - Part 2

Evoë Thorne continues to demonstrate the fun things that can be done to a cock with the hands in part two of this series. She shows various sensations created with fingers, nails, pressure, and stroking, on both the cock and the testicles themselves. She also focuses on the trust that she and Harold Henry have […]

Jan 032013
Cock & Ball Teasing: Using Your Hands & Mouth, Part 1

Evoë Thorne shows how to use mouth and hands to tease and titillate Harold Henry’s cock in this first of a two-part video series. She covers both the anatomy of the cock in terms of pleasure as well as several techniques to bring both pleasure and a spicy little bit of pain to the cock […]

Dec 312012
Consent for Guys

Harold Henry reveals the secret of getting laid in this clip…and it turns out to not be very complicated. Clear and honest communication, he says, are key and being the kind of pushy predator that the mainstream media promotes won’t get you anywhere. He stresses several other qualities that can be developed and increase the […]

Dec 222012
Making Noises in Bed: Examples, pt. 2

In part 2, Bliss starts out by discussing ways in which the noises you and your lover make can change their meaning over time. The trio also talk about how you may want to take your environment (such as neighbors) into consideration, and the ways that sounds can be integrated into the afterglow of a […]

Dec 142012
Making Noises in Bed: Examples, pt. 1

Evoë, Bliss, and Harold all go from the theory to the practice of making noise by demonstrating a truly astonishing variety of sounds in these two clips. They also discuss the theory behind connecting your breath and body to the noises you make and the ways that it can combine with expression to improve communication […]

Nov 222012
Making Noise in Bed

Evoe Thorne and Harold Henry are joined by their friend Bliss as they talk about the joys and benefits of making noise during sex. It can help relax the vagina, it can be a turn on for the partner, and it can be a great way to communicate what you’re feeling – though Bliss explains […]

Nov 102012
Experiencing Consent

Evoë Thorne and Harold Henry start talking about the essential subject of consent in this video. Starting with a demonstration of consent in action, they talk about the ways communication and respect can make things even more hot and intense between lovers. They give a personal testimonial of how consent can not only be sexy, but […]