Apr 122014
Body Confidence: Time Alone

Dylan and Andre continue their discussion about ways to help develop your confidence about your body. They reiterate the old saying “You have to know yourself before you can give yourself to someone else,” but in this case it’s related to how your body processes touch and pleasure. They recommend both sexual and sensual explorations, […]

Apr 032014
Body Confidence: Think Sexy

In part 2, Dylan and Andre discuss how body image issues can affect how you feel about yourself sexually. They describe several techniques such as mantras and “becoming the story you want to be” to get the groove back and feel sexy and hot when you want to.

Mar 162014
Body Confidence: Health

Andre Shakti and Dylan Ryan kick off a series of clips about dealing with body image issues. Everyone deals with it in some form, and they discuss both what kind of problems can arise and also about how you can deal with them. This particular clip addresses health.

Feb 232014
Mutual Masturbation

In this very long and explicit tutorial Dylan Ryan and Mickey Mod talk about the wonders of mutual masturbation. They first talk about why they enjoy sharing this kind of sensuality and sexuality with each other, then spend some time demonstrating how you can share it intimately and enjoyably. They model communication and even pull […]

Feb 142014
Initiating Sex & Foreplay: Part 2

In part 2 of their series on getting things started in bed, Dylan and Mickey talk about how to wake up your partner with a desire for sex, as well as ways that Dylan likes to use her thighs and hands to communicate her desire to her partner.

Feb 132014
Initiating Sex & Foreplay: Part 1

Mickey Mod and Dylan Ryan use these two long clips to explore all the ways that it can be difficult for a couple to initiate sex and foreplay. They model some ways to try and initiate with your partner, but Dylan also explains that it’s important to be able to say “no” to your partner […]

Jan 232014
Assertive Initiating

Dylan Ryan & Mickey Mod continue to talk about the ways you can initiate sex with your partner by taking it to a more assertive level. This can just be unmistakable cues of body language or go all the way to forcefully holding hands over the head. Dylan also points out that you can use […]

Jan 092014
Porn Star Blowjobs

Dylan Ryan (with the help of Mickey Mod) gives an extensive tutorial on fellatio in this extra-long clip. She starts with a neat trick for putting on a condom and then goes through several techniques to give a partner a wide variety of sensations. Mickey’s cock is larger than most, and that gives Dylan the […]

Jan 012014

Mickey Mod and Dylan Ryan are very enthusiastic about analingus! That is, oral stimulation of your partner’s anus. They explain many of the misconceptions about rimming (such as the idea that it is “dirty”) and go on to demonstrate several techniques and positions to enjoy this sexual act.

Dec 202013
Finger Time, Part 2

In part 2 of this series, Mickey and Dylan talk more about the technique of fingering in the right place, at the right pace, and in the right direction to drive your partner wild with pleasure. Dylan gives some additional tricks using the other hand, and they also share a new position or two so […]

Dec 062013
Pussy Romance

After teaching the basics of Pussy Licking 101, Dylan and Mickey take things to the next level “romancing” the vulva with a variety of new techniques and positions. Dylan talks about some of the sensations that can occur, and gives tips on how to communicate with your partner so that mouth does just the right […]

Nov 232013
Pussy Licking 101

What better way to learn about “eating pussy” than from a beautiful and enthusiastic couple? Dylan Ryan and Mickey Mod explain what they like about cunnilingus, from the parts of the body (hint: a lot more than the vulva!) to pacing and even the differences between “porn licking” and what you want to do with […]

Nov 072013
Choosing Porn Together

Andre Shakti and Dylan Ryan address the issue of “Now what?” in this clip – that is, after you’ve had the conversation about porn with your partner, how do you go about finding the porn that best suits both your needs? They come up with several resources such as feminist sex stores around the U.S. […]

Oct 272013
Finger Time, Part 1

Dylan Ryan and Mickey Mod talk about one of their favorite things: fingering a pussy! In this clip they explain some of the reasons this is an underrated means of intimacy, closeness, and pleasure, as well as some of the prep that you can do beforehand to make it better (hint: wash your hands & […]

Oct 202013
Giving Your Guy a Handjob

Dylan Ryan lends a hand to Mickey Mod to illustrate the fine art of the handjob. She goes over various techniques for stimulating the cock from start to finish, as well as talking about the other areas that can be part of this intimate act. Mickey gives feedback as well, giving you both sides of […]

Sep 222013
Tips for Talking to Your Partner About Porn

Andre Shakti and Dylan Ryan talk frankly about the difficulties that can arise when you are trying to talk about pornography with your partner. They give many precious bits of advice on how to keep an open mind and a loving heart as you work to get past the cultural stigma and listen to what […]

Jun 292013
Talking About Porn: For the Women

 Andre Shakti and Dylan Ryan use this clip to model an example of how a woman might tell her husband about her interest in porn. They show how using non-judgmental and supportive language can help create more intimacy. They also stress that being open about your own insecurities is a key way to deal with […]

Jun 212013
Talking About Porn: For the Men

 Andre Shakti and Dylan Ryan model the way a conversation might go between a man and a woman about porn. They talk about a lot of the concerns and the insecurities that can come from watching actors have sex, and also show how these concerns can be relieved by open communication and supportive, loving openness. […]

Jan 312012
Finishing Fisting

Shanna Katz demonstrates and explains how to finish fisting during this four-minute video. Shanna first walks you through the finishing process and then debriefs the experience with Aiden Fyre. Shanna highlights the many variations and/or additions to the fisting experience, as well as notes important safety matters. Shanna and Aiden conclude this series with some […]

Dec 042010
Experiencing Squirting – Part 2

Having recently demonstrated some seriously sexy squirting, Dylan Ryan and Aiden Fyre are back to discuss the experience of squirting in this 2 part series of conversational videos. They discuss what it is (it ain’t urine!), how it happens, what it feels like, how to do/control it, its relation to orgasm, its frequency, suggestions for […]

Dec 032010
Experiencing Squirting – Part 1

Having recently demonstrated some seriously sexy squirting, Dylan Ryan and Aiden Fyre are back to discuss the experience of squirting in this 12-minute, conversational video. They begin with personal accounts, and then they discuss what it is (it ain’t urine!), how it happens, what it feels like, how to do/control it, its relation to orgasm, its frequency, suggestions for preparation and clean-up, and more!

Nov 152010
G-Spot Toy Play – Part 3

In the 3rd clip of this series, Dylan Ryan and Aiden Fyre continue in their exploration of using sex toys to stimulate the g-spot. Clear communication and a variety of moves are demonstrated to achieve the maximum enjoyable sensation. The play has been leading up to squirting, so be sure to check out ‘Time to […]

Nov 142010
G-Spot Toy Play – Part 2

Onto the removal of the smart balls and a discussion of how to keep toys clean and ready for use within the same playtime. Then it’s time to move onto another fun g-spot stimulation toy. Using the NJOY Purewand, Dylan Ryan describes why it’s such a perfect toy for squirting play and how to use […]

Nov 132010
G-Spot Toy Play – Part 1

Dylan Ryan and Aiden Fyre demonstrate the use of smart balls for both vaginal exercise and g-spot stimulation in this 8-minute, part-one video. Dylan recommends how best to insert the toys, offers tips for proper aiming, and underscores the importance of lubrication, communication, and safety.