Nov 192013
Parents Having Sex: Hiding the Sexy Stuff

Part of setting boundaries around your sex life as a parent is making sure your sexy stuff – toys, videos, whatever gets you in the mood – is kept private from the children. Dr. Ruthie explains some practical ways to secure these kinds of things as well as covering strategies for how to avoid overreacting […]

Nov 032013
Easing Stress Together: Four Steps to More Sex

 Dr. Ruthie lays out four concrete steps towards getting past the stress and into the sex with this clip. She talks about communicating and acknowledging both the good and the hard parts of your sex lives, as well as the importance of individual identities while being part of a sexual team. This is the wrap […]

Sep 032013
Easing Stress Together: Facing Your Stressors

 Dr. Ruthie explains in this clip that many of the same stresses you face in everyday life can impact your sex life as well. She mentions examples like career and the kind of bickering that can develop in a relationship, then suggests several techniques for overcoming these stressors with your partner.

Jun 252013
Easing Stress Together: The Relationship Triangle

 While the idea of “two becoming one” is romantic, Dr. Ruthie explains that it may not be the most stable way to nurture a relationship. Instead, she suggests a “triangle” made up of the two individuals and the relationship itself, with all being nurtured and supported together. This gives you a team to make it […]

Jun 082013
Dating Your Spouse: Unresolved Emotions, Part 2

 Dr. Ruthie continues to explain how couples can work through difficulties such as power imbalances and respect and esteem issues. She gives some concrete tools such as the “Awesome/Appreciation” technique for couples to share at the end of the day.

May 182013
Parents Having Sex: Explaining It to the Kids

 Just because you know it’s ok for your kids to know you have sex doesn’t make it very easy to actually communicate it. Dr. Ruthie helps you navigate the potentially awkward conversations as well as giving practical tips for maintaining boundaries and acknowledging that as parents you have multiple identities beyond simply being “mom” or […]

Apr 132013
Rediscover Lovemaking: After Having Children

Dr. Ruthie concludes her series on rediscovering that intimate connection with your spouse with this message: think of the children! That is, think about the example you set if you pretend that being a parent means that your sexuality is somehow shut off or absent. It’s a radical idea for today’s culture, but for most of […]

Mar 172013
Dating Your Spouse: Unresolved Emotions, Part 1

 Dr. Ruthie tackles one of the more complex issues that can come up when you’re trying to rekindle that dating spirit with your spouse. What if you’ve had a bad day? What if there are issues and arguments from everyday life? Keeping them from encroaching on the special date time is an essential part of […]

Mar 072013
Rediscover Lovemaking: Breaking the Seal

Dr. Ruthie talks about how important it is not to fall into the rut of one-sided or even absent sex. Quickies are fine, but she stresses the importance of figuring out what both partners like in order to have a healthy sex life, whatever that looks like.

Jan 022013
Dating Your Spouse: Humor & Romance

Dr. Ruthie helps increase the intimate connection between couples by highlighting “silly” behavior and public displays of affection. These little shared moments can do a lot to bring and keep a couple together, and she suggests ways to get past the self-consciousness and really express your feelings for your partner.

Dec 252012
Rediscover Lovemaking: Acting Like a Teenager Again

Dr. Ruthie talks about another aspect of rekindling the romance in your lovemaking with this clip: taking a teenage attitude towards sex. She explains why the stereotypical teen seems to have an inexhaustible supply of sexual energy and why that changes when we mature in relationships. She then gives step-by-step physical and emotional steps to […]

Dec 132012
Dating Your Spouse: Breaking Bad Habits

Dr. Ruthie explains how it may not be enough just to make time to date your spouse: you need to come at the situation with a whole new attitude. She suggests several ways to help you see each other in entirely new ways to rekindle attraction and helps you use that as material to fuel […]

Nov 302012
Dating Your Spouse: Making It a Priority

Dr. Ruthie helps spouses rekindle the excitement of dating in established relationships with this series. The first step is to make sure that you make it as important as anything else on your to-do list, closely followed by picking a variety of fun things to do so that you don’t fall into another rut on […]

Nov 042012
Rediscovering Lovemaking: Fanning the Flames Together

Dr. Ruthie continues to provide tips for helping couples rekindle their sexy times together with this clip. She emphasizes the importance of prioritizing both the time and place of your lovemaking and gives some tips for improving both. Dr. Ruthie gives clear and actionable steps you can take right away to get the fires burning […]

Oct 132012
Rediscover Lovemaking: Finding Your Inner Mojo

Dr. Ruthie is a reassuring presence for the people who feel that they may have lost that special spark. She begins the clip by promising that it is inside of you, it just needs some encouragement. Dr. Ruthie also gives concrete suggestions for creating an environment to foster the re-ignition of your libido and talks about what […]

Sep 282012
Rediscovering Lovemaking: Finding the Mood Again

In the first clip of a new series, Dr. Ruthie identifies one of the key difficulties facing couples: getting back “in the mood” after a relationship has cooled off from the romantic excitement for whatever reason. Starting with You are not alone! she goes through several of the causes for this, including medical ones. In future […]

Jan 202012
Toys for Boys: Using Multiple Toys at Once

Dr. Ruthie completes her series on male sex toys with this two–minute video. She shows how several sex toys can be used simultaneously to stimulate the penis, scrotum, perineum, prostate, and anus! Ruthie notes the many ways sex toys can increase your pleasure, exploration, relationships, and fun! This clip is part of the TOYS FOR […]

Jan 032012
Toys for Boys: Butt Toys

Dr. Ruthie continues her series on sex toys for male-bodied persons with this seven-minute video. She introduces many toys of various sizes – anal plugs, vibrators, thrusty toys, and beads – explains their features, and highlights their advantages and any disadvantages. She also offers tips on lubrication, increased stimulation, relaxation, safety, and more. Ruthie shows […]

Dec 132011
Male Masturbation: A Demonstration

Dr. Ruthie continues her series on male masturbation by commenting on a live demonstration of one during this four-minute video. She again underscores the importance of frequent masturbation; and she explains the toys in use as well as offers tips on lubrication, speed, timing, breathing, clean up, and more.

Dec 102011
Toys for Boys: Reusable Sleeves and Cock Vibrators

Dr. Ruthie continues her series on toys for boys by showing cock vibrators and reusable sleeves during this four-minute video. She describes the advantages of the toys – increasing stamina, exploring different sensations, etc. – as Blue uses them. Anal toys are up in her next video. This clip is part of the TOYS FOR […]

Oct 292011
Female Masturbation: A Demonstration

Dr. Ruthie continues her series on female masturbation with this three-minute demonstrative video. She mentions several different positions and motions for masturbation, and her model demonstrates a kneeling position and grinding motion as she pleasures herself.

Jul 262011
Female Masturbation: Toys & Techniques

In this installment of her series on female masturbation, Dr. Ruthie talks about the wonderful self-pleasuring applications of a well-stocked toy box. This 11-minute video features hands on demonstrations of a wide range of sex toys, vaginal toys, anal toys, vibrating and non-vibrating, rabbit attachments and g-spot curves, innies and outies and combos, Oh My!

Jun 292011
Female Masturbation: Using Fingers

Dr Ruthie continues her series on women’s masturbation with this 5-minute segment on using your fingers. She will talk you through, along with live demonstration, lubing up, warming up the whole vulva, direct and indirect clitoral stimulation, and penetration. When it comes to self pleasure, your fingers are your 10 best friends!

Jun 072011
Female Masturbation: the Lay of the Land

Beginning her new series all about Female Masturbation, Dr. Ruthie dedicates this 5 minute video on the of the Vulva. Every vulva looks different, but all of the important parts are in the same place. When playing with toys or hands, you’ll want to know the lay of the land.