Aug 292013
Are Alternative Relationships Like Poly Healthy?

Dr. Patti Britton explores another kind of relationship style that falls outside the norm: polyamory. She explains how it differs from swinging and also some of the necessary skills to support the intimacy involved in that kind of multiple relationship.

Apr 042013
Signs of Unhealthy Sexual Activities or Desires

 Dr. Patti Britton discusses unhealthy sexual activities during this five-minute video. She first covers activities related to consent and then notes unprotected sexual behaviors. Dr. Britton also addresses sexual compulsivity – what it may look/feel like, its signs, and ways to manage it too.

Feb 142013
How to Discover What Your Sexual Interests Are

 Dr. Patti Britton explains in this clip how our erotic triggers for arousal are rooted in the five senses. Male or female, you can learn more about what turns you on by exploring the wealth of stimuli available, from lotions to dirty talk to erotica.

Dec 072012
What is "Sexual" or "Gender" Identity? - Part 2

Dr. Patti Britton finishes her discussion on sexual and gender identity during this three-minute, part-two video. She acknowledges the fluidity of identities and promotes the importance of self-identification (and not labeling others). Dr. Britton also covers past and current ways of understanding both the gender identity spectrum and sexual orientation.

Oct 232012
Are Alternative Relationship Structures Like BDSM Healthy?

Dr. Patti Britton, clinical sexologist and master sex coach, talks about the world of BDSM relationships in this clip. She defines the particular kinds of alternative relationship structures implied by “kinky” people and takes away the scary stigma that there is something sick about them. In fact, she points out several ways it can help […]

Jul 242012
Techniques for Feeling More Comfortable With Your Sexuality

Dr. Patti Britton sketches out ways to feel more comfortable with your sexuality during this four-minute video. She observes the many sexual myths and rampant sexual shame in society and then introduces a five-stage process of overcoming obstacles that may be preventing you from a healthy and vibrant sexuality.

Jul 082012
Where Do Our Sexual Beliefs Come From?

Dr. Patti Britton begins to explain the origins of personal sexual beliefs during this two-minute video. She points to the wide variety of influences – from our families of origin to peers, media and more – and notes several specific examples. Dr. Britton also shares why it is important to understand the origins of our […]

Jul 032012
Can Pornography Be Good for You?

Dr. Patti Britton discusses pornography during this three-minute video. She answers the frequently asked question – Can porn be good for you? – in the affirmative by observing the essential nature of porn and by highlighting the various ways porn can help improve the quality of sexual relationships.

May 132012
Where Do Our Sexual Desires Come From?

Dr. Patti Britton discusses sexual interests during this four-minute video. She underscores the most common arousal cues – and how to determine and explore your own – for all genders; though she also observes some gender differences.

Apr 062012
The Health Benefits of Sex

Dr. Patti Britton extols the many health benefits of sex during this four-minute video. She discusses the physical benefits – in the endocrine, circulatory, and nervous systems – as well as the emotional benefits – positive feelings, increased self-esteem, etc. – of sex.

Mar 042012
Why Intimacy Is Important in a Relationship

Dr. Patti Britton continues her reflections on intimacy and sexuality during this three-minute video. She starts with what intimacy is not; she then discusses the essentials of intimacy – and why intimacy is important in a sexual relationship.

Feb 242012
Ideas for Creating Intimacy - Part 2

Dr. Patti Britton offers two very concrete and powerful techniques to create intimacy in your relationship(s) during this three-minute, part-two video. She first highlights connectivity and then explains the two techniques to achieve it: one rooted in eye contact and the other in breath.

Feb 142012
Ideas for Creating Intimacy - Part 1

Dr. Patti Britton begins her discussion on intimacy with this three-minute, part-one video. She opens with an insight on sex and intimacy and then both defines intimacy and shares ideas on how to foster intimacy in your relationships. Stay tuned for more on intimacy in part two.

Feb 132012
Is Becoming a Sex Coach for You?

Dr. Patti Britton introduces sex coaching during this two-minute video. She describes the basic tenets of this dynamic field and recommends concrete ways to get started in your training at