Aug 072014
Vaginismus & Pelvic Pain During Intercourse

Worried about pain during intercourse? Dr. Heather Howard explains in this clip some of the possible reasons the vagina may seem too “tight” before and during intercourse. Beyond explaining the “why”, she offers several suggestions for dealing with it such as increasing arousal and using lubrication. Dr. Howard also explains that there are medical conditions […]

Feb 022014
Techniques for Reducing Sexual Pain, Part 3

Dr. Heather Howard completes her series on alleviating pain during sex by covering the final two “P’s”: position and pleasure. She recommends several methods to position yourself for maximum comfort including using special “sex furniture” and then goes into ways to increase the level of arousal and find a way for the sexual needs of […]

Nov 112013
How Do I Know If I'm a Sexual Addict?

Dr. Heather Howard discusses sexual addiction during this five-minute video. She first discusses addiction generally and then poses a few important questions for reflection regarding sexuality. Dr. Howard offers some examples of sexually compulsive behaviors and comments on such things as self-soothing, distress, treatment, and more.

Aug 312013
Telling a Partner About a Chronic Sexual Condition

 Dr. Heather Howard helps take some of the fear out of communicating with a partner about a chronic sexual condition. She demystifies the simple fact of life: everyone has health issues at some point and, like most relationship issues, clear and honest communication is key.

Jun 022013
How & When Do I Tell My Partner I Have an STI?

 Dr. Heather Howard discusses communication about sexually transmitted infections during this six-minute video. She recognizes that the conversation may not be an easy one, but she suggests various ways to prepare for – and know when to have – it. Dr. Howard also notes some statistics, perspectives on protection and risk reduction, and methods of […]

May 242013
Techniques to Reduce Sexual Pain - Part 1

 Dr. Heather Howard recommends ways to reduce sexual pain during this four-minute, part-one video. She outlines her series by stating the four Ps: prepare, protect, position, and pleasure. Dr. Howard focuses primarily on preparation – offering dozens of techniques – in this clip, and continues her suggestions in her upcoming clips.

May 092013
Erectile Difficulty

 Dr. Heather Howard tackles the sometimes scary subject of erectile difficulty for men in this clip. She outlines what kinds of problems actually fall into the realm of E.D. and suggests several possible avenues to look for solutions. As always, while Dr. Howard is a clinical sexologist, only your own physician can know for sure […]

Dec 312012
Reducing Sexual Pain

Dr. Heather Howard discusses the reduction of sexual pain during this four-minute video. She outlines the various professionals – as well as other resources (e.g., downloadable forms on her website) – available to assist those with pelvic pain. Dr. Howard also considers the effects of sexual pain on emotions, relationships, and more. Stay tuned for […]

Dec 312012
Techniques to Reduce Sexual Pain - Part 2

Dr. Heather Howard continues her recommendations to reduce sexual pain during this six-minute, part-two video. She emphasizes the second “P” in this clip – protection – by suggesting various moisturizers, cleansers, lubricants, and barriers. Dr. Howard covers position and pleasure in her next clip in the series.

Nov 022012
Is It Normal to Have Asymmetrical Breasts?

Dr. Heather Howard of and, explains in this video why it is normal for women to have asymmetrical breasts. She goes over various ways to evaluate breasts, including positions used in medical exams, and reassures you about the variations in tissue and what they may or may not mean about your breasts.

Aug 262012
Doing a Breast Exam

Dr. Heather Howard explains how to do a physical breast exam during this five-minute video. She describes the three different types of breast tissue and how to use the vertical strip method to know your body and identify any irregularities. Among other things Dr. Howard also covers how to respond to a finding.

Aug 122012
Sexual Experiences with Chronic Illness or Disability

Dr. Heather Howard discusses sexuality and chronic illness and disability during this six-minute video. She starts with an encouraging reflection on knowing well your particular body, and then she highlights the importance of varying positions and movement. Dr. Howard also notes some of the many resources available to you so that you can enjoy greater […]

Jun 212012
What Should Labia Look Like?

Dr. Heather Howard shows a wide variety of healthy labia during this seven-minute video. She discusses current cultural norms and trends and then, based on Nick Karras’s Petals, shows the rich variety of beautiful labia. Dr. Howard explains female anatomy and comments on such topics as symmetry, grooming, surgery, and more.

Jun 092012
How to Have Comfortable & Safe Anal Stimulation

Dr. Heather Howard discusses anal stimulation during this five-minute video. She briefly explains anal anatomy and then zeroes in on specific ways to enjoy safe and comfortable anal stimulation (and penetration, if desired). Dr. Howard offers an array of tips on such things as breathing, bodily cues, pacing, finger use, and much more.

May 272012
If Intercourse is Painful, What Can Be Done?

Dr. Heather Howard discusses pelvic pain during this five-minute video. She first identifies the many different types of pelvic pain – while acknowledging the difficulty of determining its origin(s) – and then suggests important ways to treat it.

Mar 292012
What is the G-Spot & How Do I Find It?

Dr. Heather Howard teaches about the female g-spot during this five-minute video. She describes the g-spot, shows its location, and discusses the various ways to stimulate it. Dr. Howard reflects on the diversity of sensations from g-spot stimulation and, among other things, recommends ways to increase the pleasurable sensations.

Feb 282012
Is Pornography Healthy or Bad for Me?

Dr. Heather Howard discusses explicit media during this five-minute video. She answers the oft-put question to her: Is porn bad for me? Dr. Howard defines pornography and notes both its value and limitations. Throughout the clip she comments on sexual fantasy and sexual education – underscoring the reality of a very broad spectrum of healthy […]

Feb 182012
Is Anal Intercourse Normal and Safe?

Dr. Heather Howard answers two questions about anal intercourse during this four-minute video. She first delves into statistics among male and female identified persons to answer the normalcy question. Dr. Howard then addresses the question of anal play safety. In her next clip she discusses techniques to help increase protection and pleasure.





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