Nov 122013
Testosterone Treatments for Women

Dr. Derek Andelloux talks about the role of testosterone in the libido and health of women. He discusses various methods of taking testosterone, some side effects, and urges you to see your own physician if you are considering this kind of treatment.

Sep 132013
Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Dr. Derek Andelloux continues to address the issues facing patients with erectile dysfunction in this eight-minute clip on various treatments. While it is always possible that the condition can be psychological, there are three methods of treatment that are usually taken, in order of severity. Dr. Andelloux explains the processes and risks involved, and discusses […]

Aug 182013
Medications with Sexual Side Effects

Dr. Derek Andelloux shares his expertise about various medications that can have side effects for your sex life. He talks in-depth about the various classes of medications known to have certain sexually-related results and describes some of the solutions to cope with them. Dr. Andelloux’s clear and friendly style help take the sting out of the […]

Jul 232013
Testosterone Treatments for Men

Dr. Derek Andelloux discusses in this clip the facts and myths around testosterone treatments for men. He explains what the hormone does for the body and the reasons a physician might prescribe it. Dr. Andelloux also covers various methods of treatment and some of the side effects. This clip can’t tell you if you need […]

Jun 022013
HPV Vaccination

 This clip provides a medical perspective about the HPV Vaccine, which can help reduce the transmission of the Human Papilloma Virus for men and women. This has far reaching benefits including the reduction of cervical cancer, and Dr. Andelloux explains how this simple procedure works.

Mar 312013
Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Derek Andelloux introduces and explains a common problem among men: erectile dysfunction. After clarifying exactly when it is and isn’t a problem, he goes on to discuss some of the various physical and psychological causes. It all comes down to consulting a physician. However, in an upcoming clip, Dr. Andelloux will discuss some of the […]

Feb 242013

 Dr. Derek Andelloux explains the process of circumcision from a medical perspective in this clip. He also lays out the pros and cons about it in terms of scientific research into disease transmission and sexual pleasure.

Jan 222013
How to Talk to Your Doctor About Sex

Dr. Derek Andelloux wants to make it easier for you to talk frankly with your doctor about sex. In this clip he talks about the kinds of questions that health care professionals may have for you about your past, present, and future sexual habits, and why these can be important. He also talks about the […]

Jan 032013
Herpes & Herpes Treatment

Dr. Derek Andelloux helps demystify one of the most stigmatized of sti’s: herpes. He covers how it is transmitted, what the symptoms can look like, and what preventative measures and treatments are available. He also reminds you that there is no cure and that the only way to truly get an effective diagnosis is through […]

Dec 242012
Contraception Options, Part 1

Dr. Derek Andelloux talks about two main categories of birth control in part one of this series. He covers various “cycle”-based techniques such as abstinence, the rhythm method, and coitus interruptus (pulling out), as well as the hormonal treatments such as the pill which are available for women. With friendly and frank information, he helps clarify […]

Dec 092012
STI Testing

Dr. Derek Andelloux explains the various types of testing your physician can do for sexually-transmitted infections (STIs). These are different depending on your age, gender, and sexual activity, and he explains what kinds of tests you can expect and which ones you may have to ask for specifically. While this doesn’t take the place of […]