Feb 072012
Cleaning a Silicone Dildo

Courtney Trouble explains how to clean and store silicone strap-on dildos during this two-minute video. She also recommends using both condoms to make cleaning even easier and water-based lubrication to maintain the longevity of your dildo(s).

Jan 152012
Dildos & Strap-On Harnesses

Courtney Trouble shows off her favorite dildos and harnesses during this five-minute video. She starts with some safety and care considerations and then features different types of dildos and versatile harnesses as well. Courtney accentuates the main benefits of each one. Enjoy your strap-on shopping and sex! This clip is part of the FISTING & […]

Dec 242011
Fucking with a Double-Ended Dildo & Harness

Courtney Trouble and Maxine Holloway demonstrate the delightful use of a double dildo during this five-minute video. They explain everything from inserting the dildo into the harness to the many benefits – that they are experiencing as they comment – of the double dildo. Stay tuned for more of their strap-on play videos. This clip […]

Dec 062011
Fisting: Advanced Positions

Courtney Trouble demonstrates three advanced fisting positions with Maxine Holloway during this four-minute video. Noting the benefits of each position, Courtney starts with standing and then moves to doggy style before finishing with anal play. She offers tips on technique too. This clip is part of the FISTING & STRAP-ONS with COURTNEY TROUBLE PassionPack available […]

Nov 272011
This Is Fisting

Courtney Trouble demonstrates fisting with Maxine Holloway during this thirteen-minute video. Courtney takes you through the whole experience – preparing comfortable positions, warming up, playing with fingers, slow and then hard fisting, as well as aftercare – while Maxine shares the various sensations throughout. This clip is part of the FISTING & STRAP-ONS with COURTNEY […]

Nov 202011
Fisting Preparation & Considerations

Courtney Trouble recommends how to prepare for fisting during this five-minute video. Based on her personal experience, she first highlights the intensity and intimacy of fisting. She then covers several key considerations such as pacing, safety, cleanliness, comfort, and environment. Stay tuned for more Courtney in her upcoming fisting clips. This clip is part of […]

Nov 062011
Things to Do to Someone Wearing a Strap-On

Courtney Trouble demonstrates ways to give pleasure to a person wearing a strap-on – in this case, Maxine Holloway – during this eight-minute video. Courtney first addresses misconceptions about strap-on sex, and then she shows three sexy activities and recommends considerable variations throughout the rest of the clip. Stay tuned for more strap-on sex in […]

Oct 162011
Making Her Squirt

Courtney Trouble helps make Maxine Holloway squirt during this erotically charged eight-minute video. Courtney highlights the most important ways to help achieve female ejaculation (e.g., arousal and communication), and Maxine explains her various sensations from initial touch through squirting. Courtney offers many tips on motion, speed, force, finger use and more throughout the clip.

Oct 022011
Pussy Anatomy

Courtney Trouble explains the anatomy of a pussy – Maxine Holloway’s pussy to be exact – during this five-minute video. Courtney covers the external and internal anatomy using both medical and street terminology. She also suggests many tips on how to play with a pussy. Stay tuned for the follow-up clip!