Jun 052010
How to Spank – Part 2

Arthur Hate returns for more sexy tips on spanking. He describes the different sensations that can be created by using different parts of the hand and then goes on to explore different areas of the body other than the bottom that can enjoy the feeling of being spanked.  Adding extras is next, including gloves and […]

Jun 052010
How to Spank – Part 1

Arthur Hate describes and demonstrates how to spank in this informative video. Learn how and why to properly warm up, then check out his three basic techniques as he uses his female model to show off the upright, horizontal, and over-the-knee positions. Find out his favorite tip for the lazy top, too!

May 032010
Hair Play

Arthur Hate uses the lovely hair of his demo model to demonstrate hair play in this 6-minute video. He shows good and bad grips, explains the biology and psychology of hair-play sensation, and identifies the many uses of hair play. Watch this video and learn why a bald person can enjoy hair play too!