Aug 042013
The Principles of Seduction, Part 3

 Arden Leigh continues talking about the art of becoming your most attractive self in this clip. She attacks the myth that your ability to seduce may be dictated by genetics or that it’s only an art for a select few. She explains that it’s about tough love, managing insecurities, and allowing the world to enjoy […]

Jun 122013
The Principles of Seduction, Part 2

 In the second installment of this three-part interview Arden Leigh, seduction coach and author of “The New Rules of Attraction”, talks about why women can and should develop their own version of “the Game” in order to get what they want out of a relationship. She addresses the ethics of seduction and why at it’s […]

May 192013
Female Empowerment & Seduction

 Arden Leigh explains how the term “female empowerment” dovetails with her seduction method in this interview. She also gives several tips on how to use the “new rules of attraction” to empower yourself and enjoy your own seductive abilities.

Mar 022013
The Principles of Seduction, Part 1

 In this three-part series you get to meet Arden Sirens, seduction coach, author, and host of the Seduction Sirens forum. In this clip she talks about the role of seduction not only in dating but also in long-term relationships and in your own self-identity.

Feb 172013
Body Language Part 2

 In part 2 of her body language series, seduction coach Arden Sirens talks more about posture, motion,and gestures. She gives several concrete examples of how you should and shouldn’t move in order to up your attractive potential, including concepts like “mirroring” and focusing your gaze on the most attractive things about your intended seduction.

Feb 012013
Body Language, Part 1

Arden Leigh, the author of The New Rules of Attraction, talks in the universal language of the body in this clip. With a few simple changes in terms of colors, accessories, posture, and even how you enter a room, you can send the signals you want to potential suitors. Arden works from bottom to top and explains […]