Jul 152014
The Shadow Side of Eros: Sex Addiction/Compulsion – Part 4

Anita Wagner completes her four-part series on sex addiction/compulsion with this four-minute video. She mostly discusses the role of the internet as it relates to sexual addiction and compulsion. Anita also suggests healthy personal and communal supports for anyone affected by sexual addiction and compulsion.

Jul 052014
The Shadow Side of Eros: Sex Addiction/Compulsion - Part 3

Anita Wagner continues her series on sex addiction and compulsion with this part-three, eight-minute video. In this video she provides a straightforward reflection on what it is like to be the partner of a sex addict/compulsive. Anita discusses the many ways that a partner may respond to the difficulties, and she suggests ways that may […]

Dec 142011
The Shadow Side of Eros: Sex Addiction/Compulsion – Part 2

Anita Wagner continues her series by discussing what may qualify as sexual addiction/compulsion during this six-minute, part-two video. She offers a long list of questions, with important comments and insights, to aid your reflection on your own or another’s behavior. In her third clip Anita talks about treatment options.

Dec 032011
The Shadow Side of Eros: Sex Addiction/Compulsion – Part 1

Anita Wagner discusses sex addiction and compulsion in this first-part, seven-minute video. Drawing from the personal experience of her partner’s sex addiction, she defines sex addiction/compulsion, identifies the cycles of emotions and behaviors, and provides examples of acting out. Her next clip on the topic continues the important conversation.

Oct 112010
What to Do if You're a Jealous Person

Anita Wagner continues her series on making peace with jealousy in polyamorous relationships in this 9-minute video. She underscores what to avoid (blaming, blow-ups, shaming, etc.) and what to do (take time, seek outside support, talk honestly with your partner, etc.). Healthy communication – and lots of it! – remains critical. A relevant video for anyone in any relationship!

Oct 042010
Jealousy in Polyamorous Relationships – Part 2

Anita Wagner’s second clip on making peace with jealousy is a six-minute reflection on types of jealousy. She defines, gives numerous examples of, and highlights the implications of four common kinds of jealousy: possessive, exclusion, competition, and fear. She shares many insights and suggests ways to reflect on each of these types of jealousy.

Jun 162010
Jealousy in Polyamorous Relationships - Part 1

In this first-part video on making peace with jealousy in polyamorous relationships, Anita Wagner discusses the links between jealousy and fear, the common components of jealousy (emotions such as anger, loneliness, inadequacy, etc.), and the main origins of jealousy (societally programmed core beliefs and unresolved insecurities). A very thought-provoking and encouraging 10 minutes – valuable for anyone in a relationship.

May 262010
Poly-Mono Relationships Part 3

To open or not to open a monogamous relationship? That is the question Anita Wagner addresses in this 10-minute video that completes her 3-part series on poly-mono relationships. She directs you to an abundance of resources as you and your partner(s) find the best ways to love each other.

Apr 162010
Poly-Mono Relationships Part 2

Anita Wagner continues her wise and practical reflections on polyamory in this 10-minute clip. She begins with the origins and values of monogamy and then discusses the common challenges for poly-mono couples (e.g., reframing commitment and fidelity, what to communicate to family and kids) and the common emotions for both poly (e.g., guilt, fear) and mono (e.g., shame, resentment) persons. While geared toward poly-mono relationships, Anita’s insights are relevant to anyone in a relationship.

Mar 172010
Poly-Mono Relationships Part 1

Anita Wagner presents a thoroughly honest and refreshing look at polyamory during this 12-minute video. She defines polyamory, traces its history and growth, and highlights the values of both monogamy and polyamory. Anita identifies a multitude of reasons for polyamory and encourages openness and honesty in all relationships so to enhance happiness within and strengthen love between partners.