Aug 232013
Anal Play: Removing Butt Plugs & Inserting Strap-Ons

 Alice in Bondageland continues her series on anal play with this seven-minute video. She first discusses prostate play; Alice then explains how to remove a butt pug, introduces how to wear a strap-on harness, and demonstrates how to insert a strap-on dildo. She continues her series by showing additional anal play positions in her next […]

Apr 142013
Riding a Strap-On

Alice in Bondageland instructs her submissive to ride her strap-on during this seven-minute video. She has him demonstrate two particular positions, and she discusses the value of the various angles of penetration too. Alice also adds vibration to increase the pleasure for both herself and her submissive. Stay tuned for more in her next video.

Feb 162013
Anal Play: Inserting Butt Plugs

 Alice in Bondageland demonstrates how to insert butt plugs during this five-minute video. She starts with lubrication and then introduces different types of plugs especially designed for prostate play. Alice explains the process of insertion, recommends ways to increase comfort and aid clean-up, and offers various tips on everything from safety to public play. She […]

Jan 012013
Standing for Strap-on Play

Alice in Bondageland offers yet another position for strap-on play during this six-minute video. She shows how to adapt your own couch for great angles of penetration and how to maximize your thrusting power even while using minimal energy. Alice offers a host of tips on power, tempo, connection, experimentation, and much more.

May 292012
Strap On Positions

Alice in Bondageland demonstrates several strap-on techniques and positions during this six-minute video. She shows and explains the benefits of variable missionary and doggy style positions. Meanwhile, Alice offers tips on angles of penetration, comfort, flexibility, stamina, connection, and much more. She shows how to ride a strap on during her next clip.

Nov 032011
Flirting 101: Touching

Alice in Bondageland rounds out her flirting series by discussing and demonstrating initial physical contact during this six-minute video. She highlights gender differences with touching, notes a host of important physical cues, and accentuates several keys to successful flirting.

Jul 082011
Flirting 101: the "Chase Me" Game

Yes, I see you see me. Do you see me see you? Alice In Bondageland continues her series on fun and effective flirting with this 5-minute video on the “Chase Me” Game, the dance of trading glances across a room. This video will help you to recognize the cues that mark a fellow flirter without […]

Jun 142011
Flirting 101: Monkey See, Monkey Do

In Flirting 101:Body Language, you learned about establishing the basic body language that says “yes, I want to flirt with you!” Now, how do you initiate flirting? What are the symptoms of knowing if someone is flirting back? Alice In Bondageland looks to the animal kingdom for the answers to these questions in this 3 […]

May 272011
Flirting 101: Body Language

Flirting. Everybody wants to do it, but many of us aren’t sure exactly how to do it or how to get results. Alice In Bondageland gives a quick 3-minute introduction to the intricate composite of behaviors under the umbrella of Flirting!