Sep 112012
The Boudoir Shoot: How-To

Abiola Abrams discusses how to create a boudoir shoot during this five-minute video. She explains what it is and recommends how to be comfortable in doing one for yourself – from clothing to location and more. Abiola also describes her own experience of a boudoir shoot.

Sep 082012
Orgasm 101

Abiola Abrams discusses female orgasms during this seven-minute video. She responds to many frequently asked questions concerning female ejaculation, clitoral stimulation, simultaneous orgasms, faking orgasms, techniques to improve your orgasms, and more.

Aug 282012
Your Single Adventure Year

Abiola Abrams discusses the adventure of a purposeful, year-long single life during this five-minute video. She describes the “Goddess year,” highlights the essentials, and offers a host of real-life examples. Enjoy the fun celebration of you!

Aug 142012
Lady Parts 101

Abiola Abrams introduces female anatomy during this seven-minute video. She uses her vulva puppet to explain female genitalia and also encourages getting to know and accept your genitals as they are. Abiola offers additional reflections on such topics as surgery, pleasure, and more in this clip – and in her upcoming one on orgasm.

Jul 282012
Extreme Self Love

Abiola Abrams discusses self love during this five-minute video. She describes what it means – and offers many suggestions on how – to love yourself as you are. Abiola encourages presence, appreciation, positive self-talk, and much more.

Jul 152012
Kissing Lessons

Abiola Abrams offers some basic kissing lessons during this five-minute video. She starts with a personal experience – and describes how not to kiss! Abiola then underscores some of the essentials of a good kiss. Enjoy the explorative and intimate experience of kissing as often as possible.

Jul 052012
Sex Toys 101 - Part 3

Abiola Abrams completes her introduction to sex toys during this six-minute, part-three video. She shows off several more discreet and approachable options – from vibrators to candles and even a non-threatening whip – for your pleasure, and she recommends exploration according to YOUR desire and pace.

Jun 152012
Flirting: Body Language

Abiola Abrams discusses the basics of body language and flirting during this four-minute video. She highlights the most important factor in flirting and then offers many tips on authenticity, posture, success, failure, and more.

May 112012
Sex Toys 101 - Part 2

Abiola Abrams continues her introduction to sex toys during this four-minute, part-two video. She focuses in on different types of vibrators and encourages you to explore your own bodies to know what type of stimulation is right for you. Abiola continues her sex toy intro in part three.

Apr 292012
Dirty Talk 101

Abiola Abrams introduces dirty talk during this four-minute video. She suggests a positive five-step plan to initiate dirty talk with your partner(s). Abiola shares specific examples with each step and also recommends a few very helpful resources.

Apr 122012
How to Get Over a Break Up

Abiola Abrams recommends various ways to get over a break up during this four-minute video. She recognizes the horrible feelings that can result from the end of relationships and then offers suggestions for closure and learning so that you grow and improve for your own sake – and for any future relationship(s).

Mar 152012
Sex Toys 101 - Part 1

Abiola Abrams introduces sex toys during this seven-minute, part-one video. She recommends ways to communicate with your partner(s) about sex toys and suggests some stores at which to shop. Abiola then shows the wide range of sex toys from vibrators and g-spot stimulators to specialized panties. Stay tuned for more on sex toys in Abiola’s […]

Mar 022012
How to Have Sex Like a Bad Girl

Abiola Abrams discusses sex with abandon during this five-minute video. She offers several practical and uplifting tips to increase the naughtiness in your sex life. Stay tuned for more Abiola in her upcoming clips.