Apr 202014
Key Principles of Tantra: Know Yourself

Mark and Patricia talk in this clip about how exploring your own sexuality can be a path to self-awareness. Drawing parallels with other spiritual disciplines, they give several examples for self-discovery. Part of the fun is changing things up and trying new things – new positions, new lubes, whatever seems right. This can help give [...]

Apr 192014
Just Say Yes: Being Open to New Experiences, Part 3

In the final segment of this series, Kim Airs brings up specific communication techniques to help open up new sexual subjects with your partner. Whether it’s anal sex or some kinky spanking, there are ways to bring up the idea without being threatening or threatened by the idea. Some of it might involve subtlety and [...]

Apr 182014
Sensual Spanking: Adding Soft Toys

Scotty and Annie demonstrate how the thrill of spanking isn’t limited to stingy hard smacks. Using simple tools like a soft car mitt, a leather paddle, and more, they show techniques that compliment a spanking and are every bit as hot.

Apr 172014
Giving Her Oral Pleasure: Getting Started

Mickey Mod and Raine DeGrey begin a series on the fine art of cunnilingus with this clip. Mickey shows how he starts to warm her up and stimulate her pussy slowly and passionately. Raine gives a “play by play”, talking both about Mickey’s techniques and how her body is responding during this long and explicit [...]

Apr 152014
GirlGasm Mythbusting: Different Kinds of Orgasms

Vaginal, clitoral, g-spot, extended – there are many different kinds of orgasms talked about in popular culture. It brings up the question: how do I get these kinds of orgasms? Or even: Am I having the right orgasm? Ducky reassures you in this clip: yes, your orgasm is fine, because there is, in fact, only [...]

Apr 132014
The First-Timer's Butt Plug

Graydancer and Naiia begin a series on anal play for couples by starting small – using a soft silicone version of . Gray begins with some soft sensation play, drawing on some of the techniques described by Ducky Doolittle and Jaiya here in other clips on PassionateU. Naiia takes the plug into her when she’s [...]

Apr 122014
Body Confidence: Time Alone

Dylan and Andre continue their discussion about ways to help develop your confidence about your body. They reiterate the old saying “You have to know yourself before you can give yourself to someone else,” but in this case it’s related to how your body processes touch and pleasure. They recommend both sexual and sensual explorations, [...]

Apr 112014
Key Principles of Tantra: Adventure

Patricia and Mark invite you in this clip to take on a more “experimental” view of your sex life. If you are looking to explore new things with your partner, they explain, there is a sense of play and fun. This keeps any possibility of disappointment from the experience, because it’s all in the idea [...]

Apr 102014
Breast Sex: Making It Happen

Now that they’ve covered foreplay, Mickey and Rain get their breast sex into full gear in this clip. Rain talks about her two favorite positions for having Mickey’s cock between her breasts. She also describes things like when to add lube to the fun and other details of hot sexy fun with her breasts.

Apr 082014
Sexy Sensations: Chains

 Scotty and Annie demonstrate the sensual potential of adding a simple length of chain to your toy collection. Scotty explains how to use both the texture and the sounds of the chain to maximum effect, gracefully combining both safety and sexuality as he uses the chain to stimulate Annie in a variety of ways.

Apr 062014
Just Say Yes: Being Open to New Experiences, Part 2

In part 2 Kim goes over some of the reasons that people might have closed their minds to certain experiences. It can be pain from the past, negative associations with the act, or even shame, but whatever it is, it’s worth figuring it out. Kim outlines several examples and methods of doing that and opening [...]

Apr 052014
GirlGasms: Kegel Toys

Ducky has explained in many clips that orgasms involve involuntary contractions of muscles, and that the stronger those muscles are, the better the orgasms get. In this clip she goes over several kinds of toys designed specifically to build those muscles – from the ben-wa balls made famous by “50 Shades of Grey” to silicone [...]

Apr 042014
Breast Sex: Foreplay

Rain Degrey brings out her breasts in this clip to show, with Mickey Mod, some techniques for arousal and foreplay. After a thorough demonstration by Mickey she explains how different areas of the breast and nipple respond to his various techniques, and also describes how different people can respond. Every woman is different, and there [...]

Apr 032014
Body Confidence: Think Sexy

In part 2, Dylan and Andre discuss how body image issues can affect how you feel about yourself sexually. They describe several techniques such as mantras and “becoming the story you want to be” to get the groove back and feel sexy and hot when you want to.

Apr 012014
The Sensual Blowjob, Part 2

As Naiia continues her sensual blowjob for Gray, the two of them talk (in voiceover) about the way the various techniques such as deep throat and long licks feel for both, with a few surprises for each other. Aside from showing off a variety of ways to use hands, tongue, lips and even teeth to [...]

Mar 302014
GirlGasms: Muscles & Breathing

In this very personal and passionate clip Ducky talks about one of the biggest and most important parts of a woman’s orgasmic potential: the muscles of the pelvic floor. Not only does she talk about them, she also gives a very personal example of why they are worth exercising through kegels and other techniques. Ducky [...]

Mar 292014
Giving & Receiving Sexual Energy

Often sex can be a kind of haphazard exchange of various activities between two people with just a hope that everyone will get what they want. Mark and Patricia suggest in this clip that by “isolating” the activities – that is, one person purely being the giver, the other solely the receiver – you can [...]

Mar 282014
Bra Tips for Assymetrical Breasts

It’s very common for one breast to be a different size than the other, and that can make it difficult to find a bra that really fits well. Shay knows this situation quite well, and gives some suggestions for both your body and for your bra that can make things fit much more comfortably.

Mar 272014
Erotic Dancing: Confidence

One of the hardest parts of really getting into erotic dance is dealing with the common stereotypes and expectations of what “erotic dance” is. Andre helps bring you to the realization that the only expectations you have to meet are your own. Your erotic dance is an intimate moment between you and your partner, a [...]

Mar 252014
Ideas for Aftercare

 Kitty Stryker covers aftercare during this four-minute video. She discusses various aspects of aftercare: the logistics, different desires, necessities, communication/negotiation, and more. Kitty offers many practical tips to help improve your post-sexual experiences with your partner(s).

Mar 232014
Spanking: Building Intensity

Scotty shows how to ramp things up in a spanking scene in this clip with the enthusiastic bottoming skills of Alex. They demonstrate how both sides improve the connection between spanker and spankee using variations in tempo, pressure, and impact. With all the work of teaching, both his hand and her ass are quite red, and [...]

Mar 222014
Just Say Yes: Being Open to New Experiences, Part 1

In this series Kim Airs of Grand Opening and KimAirs.com talks about the sad fact of people closing themselves off to sexual happiness. There are many reasons – bad experiences, social conditioning – but she explains how being open to the possibility of pleasure through things you haven’t tried can make your whole relationship better.

Mar 212014
The Clit Ain't Always It (Inspired by Ducky Doolittle)

While the clitoris is a wondrous part of the body, there are times it gets too much attention. Inspired by the similarly-titled clip by Ducky Doolittle, Gray and Naiia demonstrate how different parts of the vulva can give different sensations. Gray also illustrates various techniques for finding and stimulating the right spot, while Naiia models [...]

Mar 202014
GirlGasms: Lubricants

This clip helps cover two subjects that Ducky commonly talks to women about. First is the idea that how wet a woman is indicates how aroused she is (short answer: sometimes, not always). Second is about various kinds of lubricants that are good to have on hand to help make sex more fun and easy. [...]





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