Feb 072012
Cleaning a Silicone Dildo

Courtney Trouble explains how to clean and store silicone strap-on dildos during this two-minute video. She also recommends using both condoms to make cleaning even easier and water-based lubrication to maintain the longevity of your dildo(s). This text is available for purchase but you need to login or register first.

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Feb 032012
Why Talk About Senior Sex?

Joan Price highlights the importance of talking about senior sex during this four-minute video. She outlines some obstacles to the discussion and begins to address them. Joan also introduces her two books on senior sex – Better Than I Ever Expected and Naked at Our Age – and her blog www.NakedAtOurAge.com. She continues the discussion […]

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Oct 222011
Why Orgasm Research Is Important

Maggie and Ned Mayhem discuss the importance of orgasm research during this six-minute video. They note the many obstacles to the study of healthy human pleasure (from taboos to funding and more), describe the benefits of such research (e.g., a more accurate reflection of the realities of human orgasm for personal knowledge and for legislative […]

Oct 202011
Hygiene of Uncircumcised Penises

Wintersong discusses intact cock hygiene during this five-minute video. He dispels myths, challenges unnecessary concerns (e.g., smegma), and recommends both how to care for a penis and how to converse about penis hygiene with your partner(s). This text is available for purchase but you need to login or register first.

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Sep 242011
What Should You Know about Consent?

Marcia B discusses consent during this seven-minute video. She focuses on three questions: What is consent? Why does it matter? How do you know when you have it? Marcia peppers her responses with tips for new partners.

Sep 182011
The Orgasm Cycle

Maggie and Ned Mayhem describe the four phases of an orgasm during this six-minute video. Maggie identifies all of the phases (arousal, plateau, climax, resolution) as well as their corresponding characteristics. She peppers the discussion with important considerations (e.g., social and medical facts). In their next clip, they introduce their innovative device that measures orgasm.

Sep 112011
Anatomy of Intact (uncircumcised) Cocks

Wintersong continues his series on intact cocks with a focus on anatomy during this 5-minute video. He first discusses the variations in foreskin (e.g., skin tone, thickness, and length). He then identifies the different parts of an uncircumcised penis while noting areas of particular sensitivity. Wintersong demonstrates how to play with intact cocks in his […]

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Apr 162011
Dental Dams

KD and Lyndon are back to talk about Dental Dams in this 3 ½-minute video, outlining some potential health risks associated with unprotected oral sex, as well as do’s and don’ts of dental dam use. If you are looking for safe, fast and cheap, Lyndon shows you how to improvise a dental dam with something […]

Apr 102011
Facts, Fiction, & Myths About Intimacy & Aging

Do any of the following sound frighteningly familiar to you? “Sex requires an erect penis.” “Sexual desire diminishes with menopause.” “Orgasms are quite elusive for both men and women over 60” Well Mim Chapman is here to dispel these and other myths about Intimacy & Aging in this 11-minute video. The fact is, she says, […]

Apr 082011
Vulvar Pelvic Pain: Talking to Your Doctor

No one should have to live with pelvic pain. But, because doctors often will not bring up sexual issues, it is up to you to be an advocate for your own health. In this 5 ½-minute video, Megan Andelloux shares some tips on identifying what hurts and effectively communicating with your doctor so they can treat […]

Mar 292011
Safer Sex for Female Bodies

Because much of the safer sex information out there has a heterosexual or male homosexual focus, KD & Lyndon are kicking off a series of safer sex videos for female-bodied folks who like other female-bodied folks! In this 7-minute video, KD and Lyndon talk about gloves, good for quickies in the bathroom and all sorts […]

Jan 122011
Condom Safety

Did you know that leather wallets and glove compartments could destroy your condoms? Megan Andelloux drops many pearls of wisdom such as checking your expiration date before playtime and the squeeze test in this must see 4-minute safety segment.

Oct 252010
Gloves and Safety for Fisting

Dylan Ryan and Aiden Fyre discuss gloves and safety in this 5-minute video. They compare and contrast various types of gloves (e.g., latex, nitrile, etc.), mention the wide variety of colors available; and they highlight numerous reasons for using gloves (e.g., safer sex, smoother hands, etc.). Dylan and Aiden offer several additional tips as well, especially for those with longer fingernails.

Sep 292010
Legal Considerations for Polyamory

Attorney Aimee Bouchard defines polyamory and offers her thoughts on legal considerations for those in polyamorous relationships during this 3-minute video. She discusses laws against adultery, the rights (or lack thereof) of multiple partners, and examples of potential discrimination (e.g., child custody and employment). A must see for anyone in or thinking about a polyamorous relationship.

Sep 262010
Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity - Part 2

Joe Winn, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Certified Sex Therapist, continues his discussion on sexual addiction and compulsivity in this 6-minute video. He identifies several of the most common behaviors indicative of problematic sexual behavior (e.g., inability to stop even when behavior negatively impacts one’s life), accentuates that underlying trauma is the core issue, and suggests various types of intervention (psychotherapy, community based support, etc.).

Sep 092010
Legal Considerations for BDSM Play

Attorney Aimee Bouchard considers several legal issues with BDSM play in this 5-minute video. She discusses assault and battery laws and describes a relevant court case. Aimee also highlights state (and federal) laws – especially in Massachusetts – regarding play spaces, weapons, and transportation across state lines. A sobering yet critically important video for anyone interested in alternative sexuality.

Sep 022010
Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity

Joe Winn, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Certified Sex Therapist, introduces the topic of sexual addiction and compulsivity in this 8-minute video. He discusses 4 different models – addiction, compulsivity, hyper-sexuality, and the sex-disaster industry – by identifying the key thinkers, providing brief overviews, and noting the positives and negatives of these constructs. He completes this clip with a brief word on intervention by asking three important questions about sexual behavior.

Jun 102010
Barrier Methods: Cups, Dams & Gloves

Safe sex is important for manual and oral sex too, and now Megan Andelloux is going to show you the different options available. Using a clear plastic anatomy model she demonstrates how to insert and remove the ‘Instead’ cup, for use during a woman’s period. Next she moves onto dental dams and gloves as safe […]

Jan 112010
What to Expect from a Pelvic Exam

This 13-minute video is a very detailed step-by-step explanation of a proper pelvic exam. Megan first highlights basic legal issues, and then uses “Fanny” for a clear, thorough description of each portion of the exam (e.g., vulva, vaginal canal, cervix, uterus, rectum) – and underscores the various sensations that a woman may feel during it. Truly a must-see video!

Jun 092009
Barrier Methods: Female Condoms

It’s important to know your safe sex options for oral and manual play, as well as what can be used when a woman is on her period. Megan Andelloux shows the variety of options as well as advantages and dis-advantages of each. She also explains how to effectively use each of the options.

May 282009
Condom Usage

Starting off by showing how to put a condom on with your mouth, Megan Andelloux shares more tips including how to store and carry your condoms and how to test for an expired condom.

May 272009
All About Condoms

In this age of safe sex awareness, there are lots of condoms to choose from. Megan Andelloux returns to explain the various materials, textures, flavors, sizes, colors and treatments that a condom might feature, as well as condom alternatives and how to pick which one would be best for you. Offering suggestions on trying condoms out and then giving a demo on how to ‘put one on’ Megan gives a thorough overview of the world of prophylactics!