Aug 232014
Bacterial Vaginosis

Megan Andelloux introduces bacterial vaginosis during this seven-minute video. She defines “BV” and then discusses the two main causes as well as several additional causes. Megan describes the symptoms of BV (and chronic BV) as well as the medical treatment options. She also recommends concrete ways to prevent bacterial vaginosis.

Nov 112013
How Do I Know If I'm a Sexual Addict?

Dr. Heather Howard discusses sexual addiction during this five-minute video. She first discusses addiction generally and then poses a few important questions for reflection regarding sexuality. Dr. Howard offers some examples of sexually compulsive behaviors and comments on such things as self-soothing, distress, treatment, and more.

Sep 132013
Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Dr. Derek Andelloux continues to address the issues facing patients with erectile dysfunction in this eight-minute clip on various treatments. While it is always possible that the condition can be psychological, there are three methods of treatment that are usually taken, in order of severity. Dr. Andelloux explains the processes and risks involved, and discusses […]

Aug 312013
Telling a Partner About a Chronic Sexual Condition

 Dr. Heather Howard helps take some of the fear out of communicating with a partner about a chronic sexual condition. She demystifies the simple fact of life: everyone has health issues at some point and, like most relationship issues, clear and honest communication is key.

Aug 182013
Medications with Sexual Side Effects

Dr. Derek Andelloux shares his expertise about various medications that can have side effects for your sex life. He talks in-depth about the various classes of medications known to have certain sexually-related results and describes some of the solutions to cope with them. Dr. Andelloux’s clear and friendly style help take the sting out of the […]

Jul 242013
Verbal Consent: Non-Verbal Consent

It can be hard to figure out how body language and physical cues affirm or deny the creation of consent. Kitty Stryker explains how to navigate this gray area more effectively by being sensitive to each other and also not being afraid to ask when in doubt. This clip is filled with a lot of […]

Jul 132013
Condom Selection

 Scotty, with a little help from Naiia, goes over some of the variety available in condoms. He recommends doing research into various textures, sizes, and demonstrates just a few of the many shapes that condoms come in. This makes a great start for your quest for sensational safer sex.

Jun 272013
Sex & Menopause

Jacq Jones talks about the various changes that a woman can expect during peri- and post-menopause. There are a lot of different ways to deal with these changes in positive ways and she lays out not only the how and why but also a few whats – like lubrication and vibrators – that can help […]

Jun 202013
How to Please Your Man: STI's & Oral Sex

Looking forward to a little oral action with your man? Whether you’re giving or receiving, Ducky has some good advice to help keep it both hot and safer. A dab of lube here or there and some simple supplies like dental dams and condoms and you’re set to go. She also has some essential advice […]

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Jun 022013
How & When Do I Tell My Partner I Have an STI?

 Dr. Heather Howard discusses communication about sexually transmitted infections during this six-minute video. She recognizes that the conversation may not be an easy one, but she suggests various ways to prepare for – and know when to have – it. Dr. Howard also notes some statistics, perspectives on protection and risk reduction, and methods of […]

Jun 022013
Hands-Free Dental Dams

 Sex-Ed Scotty demonstrates a particularly clever MacGuyveresque trick for using dental dams in this clip. Using simple things like garter belts or nipple clamps or even an embroidery hoop you can position the latex sheet in a way that leaves your hands free to do other fun things. Scotty shows you step-by-step in his usual […]

Jun 022013
HPV Vaccination

 This clip provides a medical perspective about the HPV Vaccine, which can help reduce the transmission of the Human Papilloma Virus for men and women. This has far reaching benefits including the reduction of cervical cancer, and Dr. Andelloux explains how this simple procedure works.

Jun 022013
Safer Sex: Preparedness at Home

Scotty continues his reflections on sensational safer sex during this four-minute video. He recommends ways to prepare for sexy time at home so to avoid breaking the rhythm or interrupting the heat of the moment. Stay tuned for how to prepare for “the away game” in Scotty’s next clip.

Apr 182013
Packing Your Safer Sex Kit

 Scotty continues his reflections on sensational safer sex during this five-minute video. He offers various practical and simple ways to prepare for an “away game,” or take your safer sex supplies on the go. He notes the essentials, suggests storage tips (and underscores where not to keep items), and recommends some creative shopping too. Stay […]

Mar 212013
Language in Plus-Size Relationships

Kelly Shibari explains how the language you use in relationships with plus-size women (and, to some extent, men) can be triggering if done poorly. Some people are fine with words like “fat” and “chubby”, but not everyone. She recommends some alternatives (like the comedic “fluffy”) and also stresses that it’s important to interact with people […]

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Feb 142013
How to Discover What Your Sexual Interests Are

 Dr. Patti Britton explains in this clip how our erotic triggers for arousal are rooted in the five senses. Male or female, you can learn more about what turns you on by exploring the wealth of stimuli available, from lotions to dirty talk to erotica.

Jan 222013
How to Talk to Your Doctor About Sex

Dr. Derek Andelloux wants to make it easier for you to talk frankly with your doctor about sex. In this clip he talks about the kinds of questions that health care professionals may have for you about your past, present, and future sexual habits, and why these can be important. He also talks about the […]

Dec 312012
Vulvar Pelvic Pain: What Doctors Look For

Megan Andelloux discusses the physical exam for vulvar pelvic pain during this three-minute video. She presents a long list of possible symptoms such as bulges, discharges, odors, and much more. She also prepares you for what to expect in terms of how your physician will perform the physical exam. Megan explains additional testing that may […]

Oct 292012
Safer Sex Blowjob

Sabrina Morgan continues her series on blowjobs during this six-minute video. She shows how to give a safer sex blowjob in ways that heighten and vary the sensations for the recipient. Sabrina offers several tips (e.g., how to apply and remove a condom in sexy ways) in this clip and continues her series in forthcoming […]

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May 012012
The Importance of Consent

Dr. Richard Sprott begins his discussion on consent during this three-minute video. He underscores why consent – especially in the context of relationships involving power exchange – is important. Stay tuned for more of Dr. Sprott’s reflections in upcoming videos.

Apr 062012
The Health Benefits of Sex

Dr. Patti Britton extols the many health benefits of sex during this four-minute video. She discusses the physical benefits – in the endocrine, circulatory, and nervous systems – as well as the emotional benefits – positive feelings, increased self-esteem, etc. – of sex.

Mar 012012
Cunnilingus Safer Sex

Rain DeGrey, along with CiCi Rhodes, continues her series on cunnilingus with this six-minute video. Rain shows the various ways to lessen the risk of sexually transmitted infections – and discusses the pros and cons of the different barriers. In her next clip she demonstrates positions for oral sex. <hr /><a href=””><img src=”×168.jpg” alt=”PU_RainDeGrey_Cunnilingus_PositionsStanding” width=”300″ […]

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Feb 122012
Undoing Sexual Shame

Marcia B addresses sexual shame in this empowering five-minute video. She first defines sexual shame and highlights its pervasiveness and spectrum of expression. Marcia then suggests several personal and interpersonal ways to undo the shame so as to create a more sex positive attitude in and around us.