Jun 302013

sexual exploration

One of the best things about being a sexual explorer is that suddenly all of these sensual experiences become a long yummy buffet of erotic turn-on potential! There’s a few ways that this analogy is particularly appropriate…

1) Delicious food stimulates all kinds of tastes and when a long table of options lays before you it can be hard to choice what you want. Of course you’ll see things that you already know are appealing but there will also be choices that you’ve never seen or considered before. Let yourself journey through the tastes. Be open to new possibilities.

2) It’s VERY easy to be both overwhelmed and over-excited when these sexual adventures suddenly lay before you, but, just like a buffet you don’t want to stuff yourself with to much at once! No matter how good the ‘food’ is, you won’t like any of it if you try to eat a bite of lasagne / enchilada / key lime pie/ hummus all at once, yuck! On their own each of those items is probably delicious, but mush them all together and you may think you don’t like any of them. The same holds true for new sexy fun. Introduce new activities one at a time, so you have a chance to feel out your response. If it turns you on, great! If it’s not so erotic, then you know that it’s time to move on to another options. Either way, trying each sexy new option at a time is a great way to discover new turn-ons!

3) The buffet will still be there, even if you don’t try everything! Don’t feel rushed, you’re much more likely to have a positive experience expanding your sexual horizons if you don’t push to hard. Know that you can always add new activities when you’re ready. Know that you can “go back for seconds” and that the “dessert table” will be there whenever you’re ready for it.