Nov 012010
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It’s time to delve a little deeper with those sensual tongues, so get yourselves ready for a lively presentation about locking lips. GrayDancer explains that kisses are “like conversations” and that it’s very important to communicate through body language. This will keep the kisses intimate & connected, and oh so sexy! Take your time to enjoy the sensations, the build-up, the timing and the different textures of the sensual mouth. This fourteen-minute video is well worth a watch for any kissing enthusiast, and it’s best watched with your favorite make-out partner so you can learn as you go!

  4 Responses to “Two Play: Making Out – The Kiss – Part 1”

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    Oh man, if only ANY of my high school boyfriends could have seen this video…

  2. Kissing is SUCH a sensual activity, but it can go very, very wrong and end up decidedly unsexy (as Savannah has pointed out ;) This is a great clip!!

  3. I admit, I felt a little silly watching this video as I never felt like I needed help making out, however, that didn’t stop me from watching it with my husband, knowing it would lead to our own make out session, and then orgasms! Yay for foreplay!

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    The chemistry is wonderful. I am really enjoying these segments!