Jan 082010

It’s time for Tess to talk dirty about toys! Her ten-minute presentation highlights a variety of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, and some creative non-traditional toys too that are pretty much guaranteed to spice up your sex life. Tess offers plenty of great wisdom, such as how toys can help you learn more about your body, and helpful practical tips as well such as how to store and clean your sex toys. Stay tuned for part two with more useful information!

  One Response to “Sex Toy Recommendations Part 1”

  1. please watch the “intro to sex toys” video by Megan Andelloux for vital information to consider when purchasing sex toys.

    i just noticed that these “sex toy recommendation” videos are free, but the ones by Megan Andelloux are not. Megan’s videos contain info about the health and safety considerations which are absent in this video. all the toys in this video are safe. it’s what’s missing that i’m concerned about. see my post at the end of the next video in this series “sex toy recommendations” for a post i was working on until i found Megan’s video.