Dec 212009
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With the age of the Internet it’s more possible than ever to carry on a long distance relationship and still stay strongly in touch. Princess Kali shares some basic tips for finding a variety of ways to communicate, making the most of the time you can spend together, and taking responsibility for keeping the spark alive when you’re physically far apart.

  2 Responses to “Tips on Managing Long Distance Relationships Part 1”

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    These are wonderful tips for people in a long distance relationship, regardless of their interest in kink. People who enjoy straight-up, hot vanilla sex should also plan their precious time together, be open/honest, and try to not feel pressured to make every physical moment a mind-blowing one.

    I’m excited for the next video, but before I check it out, I wanted to throw in some more suggestions for communication:

    1. What ever happened to hand written letters? Letters are so personal and can be extremely romantic. There’s so much more mood to a written letter than an email. Text, on the other hand, can be very frank and titillating…

    2. I like the idea of having a journal to share with a far away loved one. One of the most powerful traits of closeness is being privileged to understand your lover’s day-to-day thoughts and feelings. To be able to read such a private tomb of musings is an honor, one that may make the reader feel special. Also, to write such a diary is a connection, a means of expressing your thoughts to your lover, whether they are present or not. It all helps to keep one another in mind.

    3. What about Skype? Technology can be such a sexy vehicle for erotic and emotional expression. Let’s see if we get to this in the next video…

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    That was a great clip! I am really looking forward to more on this subject!!