May 102009

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Megan Andelloux presents this introduction to sex toys as she describes the different types of materials they’re made out of, which ones are good for insertion and which ones aren’t, and the type of pleasure you can expect from each different type of vibrator and dildo.

  2 Responses to “Introduction to Sextoys”

  1. I’ve always wondered what all those dildos and vibrators were made of, some of them are so squishy and sticky (and it turns out those aren’t good for you, thanks for the heads up Megan!) so this is a great clip to watch to fill your head with knowledge before you fill your holes with a foreign object!

    (I can be so pervy sometimes!)

  2. this is an excellent video! i just spent an hour composing a comment that contained almost exactly what you covered after watching the “sex toy recommendations 1 and 2” videos which failed to covey any of these important considerations. i’m glad i persevered and looked all the way to the end of the sex toy videos to find this great clip.

    the only comment i have is that if you have jelly or rubber toys that are porous or may contain pthalates, you should ALWAYS use a condom on them!